It must be an open joke

Never underestimate dumb people in large group.

As the saying goes.

Unfortunately that has increased 10 fold at least, with practically instant communication, and ever increasing population.

To give rise to a hive mind of dumbasses reaffirming other dumbasses. Were you fearful of the rise of A.i? Skynet?
It seems we got it wrong. Stupid people in large numbers will be humanity’s down fall.


The uk are the number 1 importer/exporter of cannabis. How do you know it didn’t come from here? :joy::joy:

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I’ve not had any for a couple of years. Prefer my edibles just now. Mainly because The Green in Scotland is generally sub-par.

Amsterdam on the other hand … I have some favorites :grin:

Tangerine Dream is lovely. A smooth aromatic smoke … and a pretty potent Sativa/Indica hybrid :joy:

Turkish Delight is a sticky tar Hashish; again a hybrid but more Indica and is a sweet tasting smoke. Again great potency :grin:

By comparison the common weed here is :thinking::poop:

Cant comment on folks personal strains or from good growers.

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Of course it’s all a joke. It always has been from the start.

All it takes tobe free from it is to switch off that rectangular thing…that is full of programs.

And abit of critical thinking.


I’m still getting used to the masked masquerades of charlatans charades with puppets on parade.


i’ve been wondering about this too, is it product placement when they drink in movies? some booze companies maybe pay for it?

Scary thought. But you know… Even if the truth came to light they would simply say, “We said it was for emergency use! We even said… IT MAY WORK”

Sad times.


Well stats show that liberls re far more likely to get the death jab then Conservatives so maybe natural selection and the Darwin award goes to the left this time aye?
The very stupid go first…

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