Italian Police Lambo Travels 300 Miles In Two Hours To Deliver Life-Saving Organ

An Italian police officer received a unique task recently from his superiors. The task required the officer to travel 300 miles in just two hours. The purpose of this speedy trip was to deliver a donor kidney needed by a sick patient. For the drive, the officer was given a stylish and fast Lamborghini Huracan.

The Huracan has an average speed of 143 miles per hour. The drive was from Rome to Padua. Typically, this trip would take roughly six hours. The Huracan was able to do the drive in one third of the six hours typically required.

The National Police Force for Italy displayed a video over the internet on Twitter. The video displays the Huracan, which is a baby blue hyper car. The video shows the car being loaded with the fragile kidney to be delivered for donation.

The kidney was placed in a cooler for protection from damage. The kidney was put into the car’s small front trunk. The trunk is small due to the engine of the car, which contains ten cylinders and a six hundred horsepower engine that takes up nearly all of the rear of the vehicle.

The Huracan can accelerate from zero to sixty in under three seconds. The maximum speed for the vehicle is two hundred and two miles per hour. The vehicle typically acts as a patrol car. The car joined the Italian Police Force in the year 2017.

The inside of the car is composed of typical components you would see in a standard police car. These components include a police computer, police lights, and other standard police equipment.

The tweet states that you do not need to possess superpowers to save a life. All you need is a really fast car and a police officer to drive it.

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