Italy Built On Gigantic Advanced Ruin?

Italy, like so many places, has a fascinating history…and some awesome examples of polygonal masonry…


Hopefully you too, find it highly compelling :rofl:

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“Why does academia ignore such monumental feats of ancient, unexplained architectural engineering?”

Does “academia” ignore it, or is it just a mystery heretofore unsolved? Anyhow, here is some academical information from Cornell: Polygonal walls and the astronomical alignments of the Acropolis of Alatri, Italy: a preliminary investigation


Probably a bit of both mate to be honest…cheers for the too checking it out now :beers:

So much in these areas mate…Portugal and Spain has a lot of this too. :beers: Link below is very interesting and lots on his site too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome cheers mate, will check this out…that are is interesting af huh…throw Malta firmly into that mix too…little filfla (pepper) island to the south of Malta is interesting too… :beers:

Never heard of that one…cheers :beers:

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Well worth the look mate…the cart ruts are interesting :beers:

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Stuff Gets Buried
To Easy…

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I tried to find anything on any divers that may have checked to see if they continue uninterrupted all the way…if so that’d date them to about 5k years from memory :beers:

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True that…too many “anomalies” for me :beers:

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Yeah…Nice Round Number

OI !!

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Yeppers, might be worth having another look around to see if anything’s been reported recently :beers:

A Big Nuff Pile

Of Anomalies

Turns Into A…

Famaliar Norm

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Exactly, maybe it’s the other ones that aren’t the anomalies lol… :exploding_head: :beers:

Ain’t It Tho…

Bloody Brill…

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Too many hushed up too many coincidences, too many similarities…too many intelligent people being cornered…too few know too much and on it goes :beers: