Japan to release Fukushima contaminated water into sea'

Well this is just wrong, I fear this will kill the pacific and eventually the Atlantic ocean. What else could they have done? Just not this

Nearly a decade after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s government has decided to release over one million tonnes of contaminated water into the sea, media reports said on Friday, with a formal announcement expected to be made later this month.

This kind of complete mental stupidity, makes me look genius

But, because i like to play devils advocate,

Is there anyway they could just let the water evaporate or boil it away?

Or would the boiling of that water still cause pollution?

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If this is in fact legit, Trump needs to threaten to destroy Japan if they go through with this.

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I heard that before but is it legit?

But that would cause even more pollution, would it not? Lol

Well it would sure set precedence at the same time.

That, it would lol

are you guys familiar with that fellow who was in ww2, seen the atomic detonations power, came home, studied nuclear energy and help create various reactors? he swims in the reactor cooling pool, eats nuclear material at each demonstration… he died of old age, not the rumored cancer related death. amazing background. The developed worlds apathy leads me to think that they all know what that guy knew. Cant remember his name right now but i will find and post the material if somebody here does not remember first…

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usa destroy japan again?

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I thought they’ve been dumping 200 tons of contaminated water in the ocean everyday since the accident??

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I just caught a blip of him not long ago. Sorry no don’t remember his name. Yeah he ate radio active material. Talked about how much shit our government was full of basically. Lol

Heard you got booted off jew tube. F them. Go to bitchute. Stay here if course as well. But sorry you got booted. Again f them. They wouldn’t know a good shrooms if they ate one. Lol. I know I would though. Hee hee

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galen winsor is the mans name. If anyone wants to open their mind to a totally different prospective, they should watch one of the (full) lectures/demonstrations. this guy has never been discredited, he was one of the worlds most respected nuclear professionals and does not have a history of lies and propaganda (like every other source of information on the topic). It surely does explain the lack of concern by scientists and governments alike. make people afraid of it while charging them $$$ to keep/store the “waste”, which happens to be the most valuable part…

Galen Winsor :

Another Fukushima guy:

Another point of view:

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Take a shot of that stuff with your jack daniels. Clear you right up.

thank you very much. I appreciate your posting the video.

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