Jen "Circle Back" Psaki makes her hip hop debut

Jen “Circle Back” Psaki makes her WTFBRAHH debut, and she hates to disappoint conservative Twitter, but she’s going to circle back on a number of things like she usually does.

In this remix, she’ll be taking questions from Donald Trump, Joe Bide, Lil KC, Alex J. & Melissa Carone, and you better believe that she’ll circle back on those questions.


Has Mrs.Psaki ever called someone a jerk? :wink:

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Shows just how easy it is to create modern ‘music’.

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I dont think its easy to make this song nor this video…its well done.

Ya because playing instruments, writing your own lyrics and developing the style in which it will be sung is so much easier than cut and paste riffs.

No, i didnt say that, but it still not easy to cut and paste, you are composing in a way…

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hence modern ‘music’…

Still music, still composing, still needs creativity.

We get it… you like cut and paste ‘music’ that has no substance.

Never mind…good day.

Have a good day simple mind.

You too, world class producer… :man_facepalming:

You’re probably using my work right now and don’t realize it…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Im sure…