Jesus and Titles

Jesus had an amazing teaching about titles, but you don’t see any Christians following it. Why? It’s not a hard teaching.


Very interesting video.

I would be careful taking it literally, legalistic interpretation of the scripture without serious research or understanding that every situation is not quite the same was exactly why Jesus did not get along with the Phrasees in the Jewish society of his time.

I agree that using the word “Lord” or “Father” for anyone but your “Heavenly Father” definitely “cheapens it” but there is also the linguistic differences to consider.

The Term “Rabbai” is simple cut and dry that is a term of respect there is no confusion there.

For the term “Father” or “dad” or other words I would look into the original Greek and Hebrew

OTHER WORDS that MEAN “Father” is a technicality calling your parent “dad, daddy, or similar words” have no reverence to it it is a simple statement of fact unlike the Asian and Middle Eastern words commonly used to refer to a “master”, “teacher” or “Father”.

In pretty much all major cultures except MOST WESTERN cultures they have special titles with extreme levels of respect or reverence.

Until recent history (after ww2) Teachers or Masters of any high level skill were even considered “of a higher class” than regular society and to a certain extent are today even important leaders in Middle Eastern and Asian countries are required by their culture to add a “title” to the greetings and addressing of certain people.

I THINK that is what Jesus was getting at with this command to His followers but it would take reasearch into the exact words used in this passage in the origional Greek or Hebrew to be certain.

VERY interesting keep the good posts coming!! :sunglasses:


There is a simple command in Matthew 28 that says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” Would this be a command that you would say you have to study it in the Greek or Hebrew?

Jesus’s teachings are simple. I think we make them too hard. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments on the post and for your response.


The Bible is filled with “simple” concepts and “advanced” concepts and remember the more you try to FORCE somone to listen the more likely they are going to hate you and resist you and others with a similar message or concept.

The Catholic church and fake Christians has ruined the reputation of “Christianity” completely in the minds of many countries.

In many countries if you say that you are a “Christian” people lose respect for you to a severe degree until you prove to them that you are actually LIVING what you SAY you believe.

Before you can preach you first have to have somone that WANTS to listen and respects you enough to consider what you have to say or think.

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Boyd is this a video of the “Sacred Name” theme? I cannot view video just yet here

So true man. The Gospel is simple to relate. Tell them about Jesus and the path to salvation. You can tell that story in any language

Hey Danny, No, it’s just about titles. I am assuming you mean sacred name as in Jesus’ other name “The Word of God?” Correct me if I am wrong. I am sorry you can’t view it. Here is another link to it.

No problem man at all. I was watching where some people were saying if you do not spell and say Jesus name correctly you will not be saved or He will not answer prayers. They say do not call him Jesus but Yeshua Hamsicich (sic). That is what I mean.

Oh, on, that is not what the video is about. People are so caught up in side issues like how to spell Jesus’ name, the trinity, or even what day to worship. These are all distractions and cause division. When what is important is Jesus and all that he taught. :slight_smile:

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Yes sir. We agree one hundred percent. What is important is that we approach him in humility and respect and accept His will over our own.

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You don’t have to call me sir; Boyd will be just fine. :slight_smile: You will understand once you watch the video. :slight_smile:

Its a southern thing Boyd. When someone around where I live says something that you strongly agree with and want to emphasis it we will say YES SIR kind of loud. The same as a disagree is a NO SIR.

But I appreciate your words

Believe it or not; I am originally from Alabama. I spent 37 years of my life there, so I know exactly what you are saying. It was a tough habit to break. :slight_smile:

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Love It! Thanks for the post🍻

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Awesome! Glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

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here’s an interesting video on the gospel of mark… you’ll never watch…

Here’s one you’ll never watch…

of course not… its not like i didn’t watch christian movies, christian programming and read christian books for ten years… nope… i have no idea what Christianity is…

and i bet you think no one does huh?..

its not like pastors or whatever don’t leave their religion once they figure out its all a hoax…

the greatest story ever …SOLD…

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