Jet Chases Ufo? 🛸

Good stuff starts at 4:30 mark.

All i got to say is …hmmmmmmmmmm!!!


Nice video mate the last couple of clips was very interesting indeed :+1:

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Ya, the one that shows the clip that relates to the title, def makes ya go WTF lol

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Yeah that ain’t no weather balloon or swamp gas there mate haha


I wonder what @DarkShroom will say about this lol

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I await the comments mate :grin:

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It’s totally legit.

Tic tac ufo’s aka cigar shaped crafts.

Nimitz…same devils crusing around in earth airspace, dropping 80,000 ft to sea level in seconds bro. yep, the tic tacs.

I’d really like to know more about these type,wtf they are…

I’m sure there’s not little grey men inside them…lol…maybe so…

who knows…we need to “catch one”…

Couple big ass jet butterfly nets should do the trick… :thinking:…maybe…

Anyways, definitely weird shit…are these ships? crafts? Creatures?

representation of something from elsewhere that humans are totally unaware of? maybe it takes the form of a tic tac from a human 3rd dimension POV?

They are quite shy because when we buzz them, they warp to the safety of the cosmos…

IMO, there’ s SHIT in the depths of the ocean…lurking in the abysmal zones…

Perhaps studying and scouting for human ass from the safety of the mothership submerged under the ocean waves…


@Bob_Obla @bchbum
What ya think?

I wish I could have something to scale the speed off of but from the looks of it they are going way, way, way, faster than 400-500 mph. Very interesting indeedy!!!

Frickin cool as hell is more like it!!!

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The object also looked larger than the jet chasing it.

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I think these were pretty awesome videos @YouMustBeCrazy these are the kind i like (real) Thanks for the great post. :+1:


Could be wrong, but the UAP at 6:18 looks very much like it did not originate from the ground going up and to the left, it looks more like it was travelling and did an ‘impossible’ 90-degree turn to the (its) right.

These tic-tac design UAPs are fast becoming the de-facto UFO these days aren’t they.

As for the jet ‘chasing’ the UAP, the UAP was obviously allowing the jet to keep pace with it…it’s like a 100m sprinter in their prime being chased by an old man with bad knees and dodgy hips…the sprinter can slow down and let the man shuffle alongside, but if they ran, there’s no way the man could keep up.

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Oh thanks, read this on the Italian news but couldn’t find the video

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It seems like real footage, for sure.

Silly humans and our oil burning engines… we ain’t got squat compared to whoever built that tictac


Second vid looks like a “tic tac” coming out of a portal.

Is it just me or does the tictac look closer to the camera and the jet much higher?
Thus giving a look of chasing?

Looks to me like an attempted chase

No doubt the tictac is there
Same with the plane

Perspective just seems a bit off to me…hmmmmm