Jewish UFO over US Bank

I just felt like going old school and giving a rouse

That’s bank stadium

JEWISH ufo?? How did you come to that conclusion mr. Prophet??

Your antisemitism is becoming more and more apparant mr. O.

It doesnt become you. Maybe you should lay off the booze mr. Bornagainchristian.


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There you are

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^ Lovely! I’da written it a wee bit different , but yeah.

How many times can a person turn the other cheek?

Heres another poem about having enough… Genug ist Genug! if you know what I mean

One Kawinkydink
Two Kawinkydink
Three Kawinkydink
Five Kawinkydink
Six Kawinkydink
No Kawinkydink more!

The open anti-semitism is realy a stain on this site.

Jesus was anti semetic

And he was a real king of juddah in the line of david

Blah blah blah…

Which is the point, semetics reject god

Not Believing In You’r Trinity Does Not Mean Rejecting God. And It’s Semitic Not Semetic, Go UnderStand & Learn The First Commandment

If you reject Jesus you reject God,

For no man having not receiving the son has allready rejected the father.

Semetic semitic semantics spelling zionist Nazis who pontificate on vowels when hebrew has not a one

Yiddish hebrew dosen’t count


what ever ignorant shmuck !

Shmuck=Yiddish for I’m a semite who is NOT from the tribe of juddah

Shmuck= I’m a Babylonian semite or a samaritan semite or worst of all a german Amalekites semite .


BTW IAM a prince of the triibe of Napthalii
It is my bussness to know

Dont Know What You Are And Dont Care, Semite Originate From One Of Noahs Sons, Sam Open Ur Biblo And Check It Out, Jews, Arabs, Persians, Assyrians … e.t.c … Being A Semite Am Proud. Where You Roots Dont Know … Gentile !

I don’t see the 13 tribe anywhere
Fake news fake news fake money fake politics fake law . Fake presidential assistants, fake judges fake Israel fake science fake religion
Fake music fake feasts and fasts
Fake mother’s of fake blood.

I believe if you want to take high ground you missed some factx

Sedona!!! Hello

God shave the queen

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