Joe Biden: "I Am A Zionist. You Don't Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist"

Joe Biden: “I Am A Zionist. You Don’t Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist”

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni “Anti-Semitic”, “its a trick we always use it”


Whoomp there it is! :+1:

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People need to learn about Zionist trash. They should teach kids about these degenerate megalomaniacs in grade school.

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Of course he is. Trump is as well. So what and when are people going to break the mental shackles of the slave masters and do something about it? Or are we to continue to talk and not walk :timer_clock:

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Don…you coming with me?

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I’ve been wanting to !!! But people love their shackles. I share the same with others on my social media but it seems like they take it as a form of entertainment. People must want them to be directly outside their door before realizing the truth. Probably not even enough maybe they need to have them put in shackles with guns pointed at them by the oppressors to realize it. Or perhaps when they lay dying and light starts to consume them then they will realize. What country you in rn? Im in Chicago,IL,USA


Totally agree. No matter who I talk to (wife, friends, parents, etc), nobody gets PISSED. Nobody seems to want to take direct kinetic action. For obvious reasons, this is about as specific as we can get on this matter on an open forum, but dude…something needs to be done with these Psychopathic Zionist Technocrats. Phoenix, AZ here brother. Both big cities, both gonna see major changes soon.

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the big thing is, what are you going to do that will have any affect?
what is the path to be walked?
i did what i saw as my only option, try to disconnect from the system.
that is the only realistic path i could see.

It’s all because of the brainwashing that pointing out anything negative about jews some how makes you a nazi. These lemmings will walk off a fwcking cliff to avoid that label.

I personally don’t care if they read it or not, I’ve said a lot worse things on my snap. I know gates and friends (we all know who or what is in that category) are sleeping soundly and comfortably because they have us policing ourselves. I know zionists are in this for sure, I can’t say all jews because some are just like us. I know the ZIONISTS are split among the different parts of the earth. Infiltrated in all govs, religions, “activism groups” etc… as their leaders. These suckas never get “boots on the ground” because that’s how well the mind corruption works via their weaponry. I thought maybe military will help but researching a lot lately and know the military are infected with their corruption. There may be hope with police but depends on people who know them. I see that the military are participants in vaccines first, I wonder why. I know they shoot the mind altering A.I. created (mRNA) vax into them but don’t know if the police have been infected or mandated to take it first. We’ll need their help

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ehhh I’m positive that ‘all jews’ will race to Israel when they feel the time is right.

Might as well add having a monopoly over mind control technology to the list. Not to mention a pedophile black mail operation infiltrating all governments and industries. And then there is the organ harvesting.

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You can believe you are disconnected but what are you disconnected from really? If you’re talking about the internet remember DARPA created it. You can think of hiding but they’ll know where everything is , there are drones and people (their dogs) to hunt runners down. Sometimes if we are afraid of the Boogeyman we have to face the Boogeyman to get rid of it. The 5g is one area of importance to them. Search up the patents and you’ll know that they can implant ideas/programs/ways of thinking through the electromagnetic spectrum. Remember somewhere in Europe where they starting taking them down :fire: also if you know cops in the family talk to them. Put any bias aside when you talk to them, explain with your heart and they should receive. Just like the real enemies they use their malware(plandemic/psyop weaponry) well dammit we have to play on the same field if the human race are to even consider at standing a chance


Yes I think we all know what they are capable of. They’ve molded the structure of society to fit their likings. Remember who created the banks? Do we really need corrupted institutions telling us we have to give them their own money with interest just to live off the land you’re currently sitting on? I personally don’t believe in capitalism or other garbage like communism/great reset. We live on a planet that already takes care of us, we don’t need microchips, constant surveillance, deprivation that they think is the only solution for us. If you plant a seed in the ground does it not bear food? Did the seed ask you for money so that it may grow to feed you or your family? It is only the puppet masters that make us think that the food requires currency payments, it is the enemy that makes us believe we need to obey by their control. It is the Enemy that makes us believe we aren’t strong enough to live without THEM. Is it Enslavement we search for? Or is it real freedom that we need?

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Agreed, however most don’t have a clue what they are actually capable of. Perhaps you do, but most out there do not, and shut down when you try to tell them. I speak as a mind control victim and it is absolutely unspeakable the evil they wield, soul rape. Worse, when you expose them they retreat, regroup, sweep it under rug and then plandemic.

There was some kookie video I watched back in the mid 2000s of some guy claiming to be in contact with higher beings/aliens whatever and he said, they cant understand why we have to pay to live on our own planet. What you said reminded me of that. I believe that is one of many of our litmus test. All of which we fail spectacularly every single time! And thus we are reset time and time again.

The Jewish question I believe to be one of those things. When we fail to call out a con of this proportion it keeps rolling ahead. Victimhood status must be preserved at all costs!

I totally understand you . But remember people have been calling out jews for years even before our births but nothing happened. The ones in control don’t really care because if we point fingers then it draws attention away from them. That’s why know it’s not all jews but rather the leaders that sit back comfortably brainwashing people into thinking this way. I’ll use as an example the reptilian backstory. Have you seen those videos of said reptilians before? Do the videos consist of regular people or the ones that us humans call “leaders”? I’ve only seen influential people/creatures/clones/insert whatever you’d like, as the ones doing harm. We are not powerless we are Powerful as a whole. We first have to get rid of our addictions (addiction in all forms not only drugs) ,after getting rid of the problem we’ll need to detoxify because that’s just how to get rid of poisons work

For sure, in response to the it not all Jews. A brief peek into my story, you might find this interesting. I am. Russian American, my family has been essentially pawns of the powers that be for 60 years on an international level. Grandpa KGB, they killed him on 4th of July, 6 months later we find ourselves in America hmm, a sacrifice to the powers that be, pawns and patsies to be used when need be. My whole family are mind control victims to one degree or another, it is very very advanced. I have been stalked and controlled by Jews my whole life. I too have a little Jewish blood in me but its a myth and a closely guarded secret which died with my Grandfather. I have been heavily psyoped my whole life. In 2016 just before Trump was elected they mind controlled so severely it was attempted murder. After that 4 years of intense daily gang stalking and mind control took place. I have seen how they can dial up people just like that, how people change and are not themselves. People you love walk into moving chainsaws and do absolutely crazy shit. I live in a psyop neighborhood. I document everything. They drove me to the edge in the summer of 2019. I said fuck it and went public. Absolute pandemonium, they released the plandemic immediately after. Then they swept it under the rug, I kept publishing updates and started exposing the role central role Jews played in my torment. They called the Jewish gang stalkers off, they got sloppy, I caught them exposed them in a clear enough fashion for them to get scared.

Anyway I guess what I am saying is exposing them is worth it, and does have an effect. They recognize force and they recognize truth, if you are wise enough to see it and brave enough to speak it. It aint easy but frankly at this point we have no choice. Once you understand which vengeful God they worship, their role in our existence becomes rather clear. I am a Russian we have a long long history with the “Jews” and it goes back to the Asheknazi Khazars. There is a reason why American/Khazarian Jews hate Russians so much, 800 year old vengeance and historically ignorant Americans have been dragged into the middle. We have a saying they are either born geniuses or psychopaths. I would add to that and say thats not exactly correct, every one has a choice, more accurately a battle to fight with their inner demons, some win some loose. One thing worth noting is that Ahkenazi Khazarian Jews are on average 15% higher IQ then your average “Goy”.

I posted this else where, no one responded. Take guess where this photo was taken…

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I’m sorry to hear about your family membervery sorry. These mind controlled gang stalkers , are they humans? I know tech can do crazy things and I believe the ones controlling everything have actually had this type of power/tech for a long time. I do take note that every so amount of time (thousands of years) there is a mass die off of the population and think they have something to do with it. They raise the slaves they capture then restart civilizations claiming they are the mighty gods the creators of mankind. Remolding the way of thinking. Look up plato’s allegory of the cave and you’ll see how reality is only what they want us to make out. I personally had moments myself where the power of the word came into existence and had my witnesses bear it. This is why I tell you that WE ARE ALL POWERFUL TOGETHER. They are the powerless ones which is why they NEED US TO BUILD FOR THEM. They NEED OUR MINDS IN SHACKLES. WE NEED REVELATION WITHIN OURSELVES. This is battle is also the battle of words. For those that hold the pen and paper create the dictionaries used to define their words.If we don’t stand up now we’ll end up like Jonestown on a suicide trip. The scariest part is that people might do it willingly jonestown_massacre

I don’t have a human detector, but based on my senses - yes they’re human alright! However a change is noticeable, I’m not like others, targeting me was a giant mistake. Which is why when I went public they went bat shit panic crazy. The higher ups knew this the low rung derps did not. These techniques are nothing new and well documented. You made mention of the patents they hold, so you probably know. Remote neural monitoring, gang stalking, target individuals. We got a guy here talking about the TIA - total information awareness. I don’t really believe in the whole “alien” thing, thats above my pay grade. Though I know they will be rolling that horse shit out sometime soon. I know what I see what I feel, and most importantly what I can document.

I call it mental sovereignty and it is a human right. A human right that has been ravaged and abused beyond belief. It not aliens folks, it a bunch of cock suckers with limitless budgets and no oversight reaching next levels of advancement at our expense, in broad farging day light cuz every one is a complacent fear driven mental midget. Sorry but once you make peace with that you will no longer be! Thats how it works, litmus tests that is, you must rise above yersef and do whats right! Otherwise do not pas go and do not collect 200. Get it yet? Oh and the option of kill them all is the wrong answer, a trap one we have fallen into before. Jones town eh? Geez thats dark, but yeah it is possible. People must understand the light is within them. It is indeed a battle of word more so than anything else, shoot they even coined it an information war, a war for the minds of the people. Then they dragged in the innocent to fight it for them. If my experience has taught me anything it is that they are cowards of the highest order, there is another term for it cry bullies. As mentioned before victimhood status must be preserved at all cost.

So nobody wants to guess where the picture is eh? Fine, I wont tease ya any further… It is at the Holocaust Memorial in Moscow.

I know you are aware of what I was sharing, it is whatever the observer saw them to be. Again these are words that we are limited to using since the dictionaries were created by them. They are all synonyms to me, alien in nature/extraterrestrials/extra dimensionals/ etc… One thing we should know is that we are all connected. They are the virus and we must act as anti virus. But I know you as well as everyone have the power/essence/light/soul/insert choice, to see through the stage and view the actors for who/what/they/them/insert synonym of choice really are. If you can hear me you are not powerless. This will reach you where it needs to reach you