Joe Biden's Wall Street Journal Article: “How I Learned To Love The New World Order”


I started a thread about that a little while back. Anyone who still thinks that a NWO is a conspiracy theory just isn’t paying attention at all. There are countless world leaders, presidents, holy figures (including the pope) and high level politicians that all openly discuss their desire for a NWO.

Us conspiracy nuts continue to be proven right at every turn. Wish the rest of the world would catch up and start paying attention so something could actually be done to fight back against this world takeover.


Nobody is that inept. Anybody that says the nwo is a conspiracy is willfully ignorant and just refusing to state the truth.


Absolutely, i remember a news reader came on the news claiming the nwo was just a conspiracy theory and laughing it off as nonsense about 15 years ago on ms tv here,
well see how they were blatantly lying to us all even back then about it.

Just another example of the ms news blatantly LYING IN OUR FACES AGAIN.
:lying_face: :lying_face: :lying_face:

Anyone that relies on any kind of ms news for truth is a fool,
anyone that posts up articles or news from places like cnn guardian msnbc abc or any of the other big global outfits is an agent of the nwo agenda or just plain stoopid gullible and foolish mind controlled brainwashed dymwit to say the least, or a complete idyot liar like the ms news itself is.

Whenever someone here posts from the ms news as fact there lying or an agent of the nwo spinning lies or both. Fact.

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