Just How Advanced Was Mesopotamia?

Take a look see at this… :grinning::+1:t2:


Cool post, but I have to compare then to now:
5000 years in the future: Just how advanced were we?
We do not really build anything of greatness anymore. The last huge structure was 3 gorges dam and that probably won’t last into 100 years into our future. Remnants will be around I’m sure, but what exactly does advanced mean?
Advanced in what?
Spiritually, not much, as humanity has not advanced one bit. We can build neat stuff, but that really has not helped us in the grand scheme of things.


Ya, i hear ya :+1:t2:

And we think that humans came up with the computer chip, night vision, and fiber optics…cus we smarts. All that came from the Roswell crashes


I’m not sure they reached their full potential either…seems some civs got cut short going off unfinished works :beers:

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Yup, from either cataclysmic events or their own version of covid :open_mouth:

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One and the same :rofl: :beers:

True… and Not only Roswell

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Just out of curiosity, I have some questions.

Do we really need to build huge to impress anymore?

What is the grand scheme?

To stoke the egos of architects
Not to mention, we CANT make 1/4 of the stuff they did back in the day, without “pouring” forms.

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What gets us safely to the other side…

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at least doing the authentic stuff can be a hobby or competition.

Also thinking about it, even with our advanced stuff, anything electronically stored seem so fragile and could easily be wiped. We wouldn’t leave much information behind aside for plastic and some of sturdiest structures.

I think the “purpose”
Of Bigger…
Was to accomadate the emmense size of the Ancients…
And to intentionally be a long standing structure.
They knew of the “Great cycles”
And built to withstand.


Awesome, thank you for posting. Helps me in perspective!

did you notice the watch type thing on there wrist ?

i think forming concretions has been around longer than people think.
i reckon that’s how they made the pyramids.
much easier to carry the materials up there to make concrete than trying to get the ridiculous sized blocks up and into place.
kinda like a rammed earth scenario.
what you reckon?

It is possible on some,
but i do believe that megaliths such as the pyramids for instance, are all blocks, and geologically proven to be as such. :+1:t2:

this Geopolymer re-agglomerated limestone theory is interesting.
have you come across it before?
they obviously didn’t manage to prove the standard theory to this guy.

what you reckon?

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