Khloé Kardashian furious over leaked private photo

Khloé Kardashian is furious. A picture of her is circulating on social networks, which was accidentally published without her consent. The 36-year-old sister of Kim Kardashian can be seen in a skimpy leopard bikini and posing in front of the pool.

The photo was taken during a private family gathering and accidentally posted on social media by an assistant without permission.

The picture of her posing in front of the pool was posted without any beauty filter, glossy embellishment or any other staging of her curves.

Khloé is now reportedly hunting down people sharing the photo on social media websites.

I have said this for over 10 years…

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She’s a pretty girl…shame she’s not happy with her body the way it is

I smell Fish !!!

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A person with no morals on dressing like a Lady is not justified… She’s no Lady… She qualifies as an expensive escort/call gir/prostitute!

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its all plastic anyway… this whole family should just be wiped off this earth. they are horrible people and are 100 fake in every way.