Kid identifies white horse of revelation

I like this kid he studies the bible the right way.

I wish I was this sharp that young

It’s one min long for god’s sake have a listen


Funny… in a sad sort of way. I literally drew this today…


we live in prophetic and unprecented times


Interesting connection Oth. But not solid. He is correct that toxic does come from toxon in the Greek. Toxon, a bow, probably from the idea of poison arrows from its history:

Toxic is related to the word toxin, which is a kind of poison . It comes from the ancient Greek word toxikon, which means “poison for arrows.”

But his crown reference is much weaker.

Crown =

στέφανος stéphanos, stef’-an-os; from an apparently primary στέφω stéphō (to twine or wreathe); a chaplet (as a badge of royalty, a prize in the public games or a symbol of honor generally; but more conspicuous and elaborate than the simple fillet, G1238), literally or figuratively:—crown.

The rider on white horse is the antichrist in most interpretations. Could he ride in on the toxic (bow)effects of Corona? Possibly. Are we truly at the 1st Seal? Maybe. But I would not develop a full theology or eschatology over this analogy. And I would be highly reserved in preaching such to the world.

And for the record, toxon is used 67 time in the Septuagint version of the Old Testament. Most uses mean an actual bow. The bow symbolizing something, maybe the conquering and to conquer, as opposed to the other rider on a white horse, Jesus Christ who brings the sword? Not sure. Just wary of what are called word association fallacies in Biblical hermeneutics.


That you disagree like a first class christian is the best part of that response . When I get off work I will look too



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MAJESTYTWELVE. I am literally reading about cooper when I turned over to this page to see you posted this.



Really ? You just actually said exactly what the kid said ? Coronavirus was named so due to the CROWN around it and you really can’t get any closer to a vaccine injection than a poison arrow . But I’m sure you could have done better 1000 years ago when writing down future events and things that had no name at the time .

Also the crown of thorns

TikTok… the only video streaming site with no VOLUME CONTROLS

The word conquer : to take control using mental or moral power… Webster dictionary…
This is the propaganda they are using and “actors” , senators and presidents are pushing the poison arrow vaccines. Not to mention the “moral” high ground they are using … the killing of grandma’s if you don’t take the shot … it all actually fits nicely.

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Conquest: Rome
War: British Empire (Rome II)
Famine: the 20th Century
Death: Well, hello Big Pharma!

So where does Jesus Christ fit into all of this? Is he going to step in with sword in hand to rescue everyone?
I find it highly doubtful, Jesus did actually die at some point in his life not to sure when though maybe it was on a crucifix but then again maybe he didn’t, we only have the bible to tell he died for us or did he die because he had morals?

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Hes right

The 4 Angels stood at the 4 corners of the circle of Earth

Represent the 4 major vaccine companies

The winds the 4 Angels held back in their hands

Represent the 4 majors DNA changing vaccines

To kill off 1/3rd of Humanity on Earth

2.6billion doses is 1/3rd of 7.8billion people on Earth

What come next is Biblical as well
Nothing can stop what is Coming!
God wins

Einstein was a homosexual Nazi [Jew]
Fitting coming from you