Kim Jong-Un's sister warns Biden to avoid 'causing a stink' if he wants peace

I don’t understand the joy one gets when making this crap up.

I understand even less why the real thing happens. I don’t but I more wonder why new international laws can’t be made that wars can only be fought using stuffed animals and glitter as artillery.

You ask any parent after a 5 year olds b-day party with glitter. I think its what that Smart Dust is based off of.

To take away ?

maybe they are just setting the stage for a bit of war posturing.
it is hard to know how the other half thinks.

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Yip. Nip them in the butt zippityzip quick. The Jong un family is Inbred lunatics.sister my butt…more like sister wife mom…I’m sick of a little bastard nuking inside a mountain so many times that he killed tons of his people and chinease…I’m positive after tracing the cesium 137 cloudleaking in the days n weeks after it mostly went to china. How the heck does china let him do it???, oops. I forgot they told him to stop before they blow him off the map…piss off.jung un family is in need of a russian take over before China uses them as an extension of china. Biden sucks.harris sucks clintons suck. China sucks Soros sucks Obamas suck and they all like this inbred lunatic family

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Plus. We in the USA lie too.wenever got rid of anything and built star wars and kept going and going. We dont obey anything because Russia or china would’ve kept cheating like they do and won aworldkilling war. I am glad usa spent trillions on black budget darpa ideas… we kick ass at war now .and USA won world war 2. Vietnam is now minus all their titanium and possible hidden tech

Once again… Biden undoes another worthy Trump Accomplishments.
Next Year this Time we will be Harboring 11 Million immigrants we know Nothing about!

I’m in TEXAS and word of Terrorists have already entered the United States!

People will come knocking at our door asking for Food Shelter and Money.

With children as pawns to assist them.
Other countries are seeing our disposition and We will Be at War… While Biden will be more interested in Maternity Flight suits and women’s hairstyles in the Military!

All it takes is a nuclear bomb to be triggered in the Pacific Coast to cause a Major Tsunami to all the western states!

We wouldn’t be able to take care of Ourselves!

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CCP has an estimated 600 nukes.

Lol, where’s that picture of Obama and the little Asian girl in the boat when you need it?


Made in China. Most are probably defective.

are you willing to let your virgin sperm be glow in the dark sperm over that theory?

I agree that there is probably enough to do some serious damage… The worst part, those technologies were either stolen or handed over to them for a pay off…

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