Leaked: UFOs swarming US Navy destroyer; US Navy confirms footage as genuine

exactly… a copy of a stolen fragment piece of discovery… non human work.

Hi Xico,imo,Heres how it works a dude fills in a patent for cutting edge tech…
It get filed as top secret by the agencies…
And the dude end up not making a cent with it,and cant talk about it or theyre going to put him in jail with all of his family too.

Imo, Thats not alien,you know what i mean.


He believes the technology is ours and ours alone, not alien in origin.
Read the thread.

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If they had an interplanetary spaceship in !978…

ITS BECAUSE,imo SCIENCE as you know it IS A LIE.

All,imo. of course.

TV IS NOT FOR REAL,the news are a staged show.

cheers still theres may be alien or teck from PARALEL WORLDS …

wake up youre just choosing which set of illusions you want to believe in your lifes…

Not exactly…

its not made true a HUMAN development…

Dont be to Proud about Human tech… they steal like they Steal the Truth about so many Things…even Your Own History and reason fo existence in of al beginnings’’


Your still not getting my point, never mind it doesn’t matter.

Dude you already made your point and as I said I respect that people have their own theories and beliefs.

Dear smigg,my point is im testifying about something i lived in the past.
i cant speculate points of which i dont know the answers.

cheers…i saw nothing alien looking inside our ship.
But the brown hair girl ship was made of one single self luminous plastic like material.

Get it.

I get that you believe what you believe and that your not silly enough to believe that people will take your word for it because you would then have given yourself away.

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i am getting more than you think… dont see/mis understand my response as one that could Not be understand by you… i understand more than you think…

Butt it have to respond on this way, to TRY to Inform you and others more so the Day that Comes .

you would be scared to understand the Truth,.

Butt all my time here, its a step by step information that will be EXPOSED and accept when its THERE’’

i am a watcher,

I consider myself some kind of celebrity…lol

Cheers bro, sorry im rough on the edges.


What’s wrong with people today, there’s something in the air me thinks.

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Cellphones airwaves…lol


And your very entertaining too.

I hope former and new posters to come by…

Its not ok to have some wild dogs running the place like its a prison wing…


You need to grasp the English language first because no one will understand you and so what would be the point.
You probably won’t understand what i just said but never mind.

… you will understand…

The Universe is a puzzel, with al pieces incl your existence’,

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Drip drip a little more, but I already know you want to be top dog.