Leaked: UFOs swarming US Navy destroyer; US Navy confirms footage as genuine

I am…


Too easy dude.

Theyre like empty balloons to me,no kidding…lol

cheers…but it hurts like hell…lol

It doesn’t have too dude.

Todays a bad day to be on DTV for everyone I think. It’s in the air, can’t you feel it, him.

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Its better to use diplomacy first but its no working all the times with idiots like of all kinds…of major …


Best to just walk on by then than impose on others, what you believe is for you and you alone and is yours to take with you.
And I respect that as you should with others.

I was implying a bunch of harassing trolls insulting without argumentation.
As soon as you disrupt them in their black and white world
Just thug behavior.


its like coming home after years abroad…to discover your town as gone on crack…lol

I agree there are some very hateful trolls on here and their intention is to pass on their hurt to others and your right it does hurt and some more than others, pass them by dude your bigger than they are.
Your one of the few on here who’s comments i like to read whether i agree or not, interesting angles on subjects.


We are all a little mad on here but do you know what dude at least we speak the truth, it may be our mad truth but it’s truth none the less.

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Take a look at the White House and report back that there is no intelligent life in charge.

While you’re over there go to the white house channel and dislike a bunch of videos
These actors suck

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I came across some ‘information’ that stated in 1980, the US had 580 different space craft. They were adding to that number and by now may well have lots more. We know they have been engineering space craft for a long long time and trump launched space force not too long ago. So, it makes me wonder if all these supposed sightings are all craft made here and these reports are just preparing the minds for what is to come. Sci fi became massively popular after the 1947 roswell incident and you have to question whether that incident and the supposed cover up was all planned to start introducing technology to people and having them believe in alien life while all the time they are simply using the media to keep people guessing whilst making money from people researching it so much when they hold all the answers anyway. It’s the same with history. The winners write it to fit their narrative and they leave little bread crumbs of clues that lead ultimately to nowhere but its just enough to keep a group of people fascinated…

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1)swarming? :roll_eyes::thinking:
2) leaked to social media sites :thinking::roll_eyes:
3)pentagon confirms to black vault website :roll_eyes::thinking:


It’s ourselves in the future visiting back, so technically it’s ours :thinking:

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