Leftists Sell Out, Congratulating Billionaires for Fascist Depravity


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Hey dude sorry you need a haircut and yea THE LEFT is the problem
Dick in office claims to be a billionaire

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let me guess, you didnt even watch the video or listen to what he had to say.

People like you are the problem today, because you dont even know reality, you know what the MSM & Globalists wants you to know.


You want to talk about reality as you post this idiot styxhexenvagina who believes H.P. Lovecraft’s ancient ones are real and does rituals to invoke them GTFOH. Projecting to the left what the cult has done against America does not make it reality the maga cult is engaging in sedition if you engage as well don’t complain when you are left with a few felonies and nothing else.

I’d say you lost the plot but that is the plot they wrote for you to follow. Lying about it does not make it fact no matter how many times you say it. Both sides are running the shite show both in unison to herd you like cattle. Drumpf and Biden are merely the dogs nipping at your heels. Wake up or go out with a whimper the choice is yours. Peace.

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Nothing going to get me unless they come to the mountains take out my whole tribe. I would gladly die defending them. This country has tried before have before and we are still here.I know enough about history to not trust the white man. Call me a commie for believing in my native ways and traditions is funny. We never needed this or this fake commerce No one will ever rape us again it is your mind being raped in thinking you were ever free. The greatest times of america for who the whiteman? You talking 1950’s dreaming like your cowardly leader telling you to fight January 5th that he will walk with you then his bitch azz is in a guarded tent jamming to easy listening with his inbred kids smiling while his followers die and they are building gallows for his vice president. Yes good times indeed. That kind of thinking is far worse than pathetic you think you will fair better than pence in drumpfs eyes? Just like thinking someone getting raped is hilarious. Says way more about you than it does me know doesn’t it?

haha flag me little boy, go cry to mommy…

Really? Not hiding behind my racism ya’all know where I’m at you got something to say, be a man. Othewise worst prez in history impeached twice first term fact, ya don and done! maganot!

ok then, lets discuss this, who was a better president then Trump?

Yo mama, why? So can change the subject of who could possibly be worse possibly ulysses s. grant had he prevailed?

no because you have nothing but nonsense, as you have shown.

Trump was better then any President you can name in your lifetime, that is for sure.

You are just too hell bent on hate to see any of his accomplishments.

All you are is a bottom feeder tool, you can’t debate anything, because you dont know anything but boot licking and being abused.

Prove me wrong.

Whatever you personally think of this guy,
hes right about creeping fascism and hypocrisy in the states
and its going to get far worse now dems are running the show.
This is just a fact of how it is and how it will be

Hes right on point in fact.

Be careful what you wish for…


You prove yourself wrong no need for me to. Peace.

Like Jeff Bezos

Or lil dick Donald Trump no wonder aliens
Wanna destroy us half of the greatest country in the world minus slavery + creating a atomic weapons yea

Hay fuck wad who should of been swallowed while your rebel flag has been acknowledged since 1865 i think 1867 the Civil War is my least favorite subject considering over a 150 years ago we were fighting each other over slavery

So democrats were fore slavery in 1863 this u all show while Republicans were slave rights

Ok present day BLM protesters are rioters
Capitol hill overthrowers were black lives matter antifa in Trump gear maga hats
Umm the left wants to destroy the government after the right tried to storm the Capitol umm
The women. Who was shown climbing through a window with a gun drawn on her getting shot and she was a faithful Trump flower on insta Facebook msn yahoo BBC world star

Yes im sorry I forgot prejudice and blindness and institutionalized racism must not make u furious

Yea Republicans you so get the world its bit 1963 anymore its 2021

New world order fuck me geroge soros u all believe Jesus Christ is God n not God for fuck sakes do u know y this is happening yall can’t live with yourself without being told what to think thanks to the Jewish guy who acts like a messiah cries like Mariah

And says I’m the victim
After Malaysia Melania grabs his wig

Seriously can u all look act the real world :earth_americas: were all currently living and spinning on it

Why did Trumper storm Capitol hill
Donald said let’s march down there

But all facial recognized because they don’t believe in diseases or facts of that matter

So big media real news and tech companies keeping us at bay while half of everything they did was posted on social media

Elaborate please tom cruise from born on the 4th of July please tell me y I want you to say facts instead of believing

Who brought down the twin towers

A conglomerate of far right Republicans looking to take over the world’s 3rd largest oil reserve while forgetting about him for 6 years call it
A black man who u all needed a birth certificate for


Lunacy begets lunacy

If any of you all who think I’m a snowflake libtard
Communism does help everyone facism does only support those in power like a Supreme leader or fascist Dictator

But hey he ain’t looking out for the right or left

He is looking out for himself he ain’t no one special
But praise be to Trump Billy Graham would have wanted it this way McArthur
N both bushes n atleast Eisenhower had honor n dignity

Next thing you know anyone who’ says fake news n n they stole

Meaning you all loss
I know it sucks

But you ca. All suxk Jared jkushner off
Next time

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To this fuck who was running government for the past 4 years

Alabama won the national cha.championship can we compromise on anything or are FREE MINDED FREE THINKING LEFTYS TO BLAME BY THE WAY IM RIGHT HANDED


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