"Let's Ban Free Speech." ---Society..... yes they really are that F@%KING brainwashed


I love this guy its such a sad indictment of just how unbelievably ignorant the common person is now,
that they have literally no idea of what real freedom of speech is anymore and will believe whatever they are told willingly,
this makes most people ripe for acoming world wide mass deception,
covid may only be just the beginning whats say?

There is lessening hope for the land of the free.
We the people have already forfeited our constitution for the promise of carnal comforts.
No suprise here.

in news headlines…

“Be less white”

All free and cool to say and think that way?..speak that way…?

those racial hate speech slogans are all well n good? Free pass eh? Their rules eh?

…greenlight …eh?

If YOU think so, YOU are WASHED.

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