Let's DTV Chat

Let’s all hook up on Discord and chat in real-time.

What’s $5?

I spend more than that on a tray of grocery store sushi for a single meal.

Support us, become a Patron!


Looks like I double posted. I don’t know how to work this damn thing…look like a fool with my “name” stamped on a deleted topic.

A coffee at its cheapest nowadays is $2.50. Easily $5 at Starschmucks.
A supporter only has to pay the amount for two coffee’s per month but it goes a long way for dtv when you add them all up.
Some day this site may not be here for any of us if we don’t put our own efforts forward.


Many thanks @Spock for joining the supporting force of DTV. Much appreciated.

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5 Bucks!! Are you insane? Have you lost your mind?

I already spend 180$ a day in “cups of coffee” support.

If it’s anything like the other chatroom DTV had where it was just one mod and a 2-3 people he liked were allowed to talk…and everyone else was just supossed to keep quiet otherwise kicked. No thanks, there’s a reason that chatroom never took off.

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It’s not, it’s Discord

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Come on man…that’s about 1/3 the cost of the bottle of lotion you use to rub one out with…or at least the lotion I use.

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@Spock Discord still has mods, I used to run a pretty huge one for the Poppy ARG so I seen how fast things can go downhill.

Well maybe this one won’t go downhill lol so far there’s only a few members there

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I hope not.

DTV 4 life !

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Lmfao…ok ok you make a good arguement. I’ll consider it while I wank on it then.

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You still smok’n banana peels before you post?

Having to type 10 characters just to say :joy: :joy: :joy:!!!

No offence @Spock the above emojis were intended for @Canubis.
Sometime soon a cup of coffee will be on it’s way.

me and spock are set coffiee ether way tho he cant get it right…///
Canubis know a good fkn coffee…

Hey do you need to install discord on your desktop as an app etc like skype?,
just wondering,
i just became a coffee geezer on the patrons thingo,
you guys should too if you arent but are reading this please,
its good to share and give something back, if we all give a little it takes care of website expenses and helps someone in the world who is providing a free speech platform for us all,
thats pretty cool in my humbled opinion.

Good stuff and go DTV.

Thanks for your contribution @Thecitizen, access to the Discord is granted from Supporter level and up though.

You find the invite link to the private Discord server on the Patreon website in supplementary details for Disclose.tv, if you’re in the Supporter tier that enables ads-free experience and access to Discord.

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