Lets Talk About Reptilians & Stargate SG1


This is what i learned about reptilians minotaurs both chimeras. They can open portals. Now about a year ago I have this vivid dream. It wasnt really a dream it was too real.The wall had ancient greek art like on vases. Which tells me the stargate portal on earth is somewhere within the ancient greek world. Eurasia is where this stargate is. underneath an ancient stone site there is a cave hiding the stargate. there was a cern dome like the one in cern switzerland. but it was portable. then there was a reptilian being doing some kind of ritual which the cave wall went watery like a stargate then opened up. now this dark looking electricity started emminating from the stargate and there was a Minotaur with some sort of rod that looked like street light except he was holding it and he was getting all this power onto this rod. it looked black with a white sourrounding. I was a witness to this stargate/portal being opened as it had some kind of significance to our reality. I could see humans being sucked into the portal to power this energy and everything around us was turning into stone. By the way I was first a moth on the wall then I became a purple orb and I was watching this portal being opened. So that was my dream. coolest dream ever.


oh shiz its kenny


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Good to see you Kinninigan. I always enjoyed your posts.


Sounds like a cool dream.

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Good to see you around Kinni.

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I have help on the way, stay with me.


ffs they let anyone in here :joy:


SG1 was probably the best of all of them…Atlantis a close second…Universe sucked, it was a “soap opera on a spaceship”…”but muh space feelings this, but muh space feelings that.” Nobody cares about your daddy issues when watching science fiction…I even liked sg1 when O’Neil left and the hot ditzy chic (Vala) joined the show.


I liked the tease in SG1 in which the team are asked to help out and advise on a TV show called wormhole extreme. It was has if they was telling us something of the origins of the idea of the show been based on part reality.

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OMG, kinninigan! Ltns! I missed these talks lol… Going to have to bookmark this!

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Just binged watched the whole series over the last couple months. Felt the writing went a little stale toward the end, but was sad when the last episode was over…


OMG look what the cat dragged in!!

Superglad your back Kinny ( i knew you was lurking around hehe)

I will watch the vid bit later and i hope you stick around…

DTV just wasn’t the same without our private



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Still have my old avatar also:)

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All this Reptilian nonsense that’s been injected in popular culture is meant to condition people into believing one of the many distortions the Velon semi physical race are pushing to sway people further from the truth of identifying the source of the problem. The Velon whom are 6 that comprise the race are: The Anunnaki, The Hathor, The Junnda, The Mila, the Oaa, and The Johnaan.

Hey these reptiles are for real and trying to mate with us. To produce super hybrids

My advice is wear slippers :astonished::rofl::rofl::turtle:

You just be chilling with your tortoise? Turtle?

Nice. My buddy’s mom has these two turtles, can’t remember where or why she has them. She’s almost 90 and poor, and they live in a tiny tank–I feel bad for them but every thing I’ve read says you shouldn’t release them in the wild or I’d ask her if I could.