Like the rats they are

US senators and representatives have been instructed to head to the tunnels if unrest occurs in the nations capital.

I know of these tunnels and I’m sure others do too.
Do you think turtles use tunnels…? :thinking:


Good thing about tunnels is they can be blocked. Turtles probably but rats and toads for sure, suddenly Lemmiwinks comes to mind.


Only ninja ones​:turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle: Cowabungga :rofl:


Listening to the feed provided on the other thread right now. They are very nervous, shakey voices on a number of these rats. The Pepe gifs are hysterical , that dancing one with the head phones. :joy:

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Just Heard…

Protestors About To Breach

They Went On


The Deliberating Over

And All Reading of Electors

Has Stopped

Oh their in, looks like there are scuffles with police inside. Congress cut the feed, headed to the tunnels.

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I just read all cell activity is being jammed…

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This Was All Pre Planned

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Getting Interesting Now

Scattered like cockroaches.

Nancy’s special lil magic queen bitch hammer could not even protect her rusty old crack.

Like she’s saying,“This! YES THIS…will fit up my ass.”

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Do a ‘come up with a caption’ post on this. I bet it would be lmao funny…
“I personally shellac this gavel every morning… if you know what I mean…”

I have feeling it would with no problem. I bet she even shares it… :face_vomiting:

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