Lilith was Adam's first wife, not Eve, but the Bible Kept It Secret

The Bible tells the story of how Earth was created and the start of humanity. In the text, it says that man was created in the image of God, and then after finding that man was lonely, he took a rib from Adam and created Eve. However, it has been suggested that there is a part of the story that was not told in the Bible and this is that the first woman was Lilith, not Eve.

Lilith Was Banished By God For Being More Willful

Lilith is said to have been the first woman in the world and was created by God at the same time as he created Adam. It is said that Lilith was then banished and rejected by God after it was found that she was stronger and more intelligent that Adam and she would not obey the commands of Adam. The character was not mentioned in the Bible to understand the origin of humanity as Lilith was said to go against the tradition of the church in that women must obey a man and women were in a lower position than men.

The traditional Bible has gone through many religious filters to ensure that it loses some of the important sections and pieces. However, there is a part that has been left in it that suggests God created not only a man but a woman at the same time instead of later as it has been suggested in the Bible when the rib was taken from Adam.

Lilith - Demon and first wife of Adam

Proof Man And Women Were Created At Same Time

The original text from the King James Bible of Genesis 1: 27 says “And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

This leads us to believe that God created both man and woman at the same time. It is said to be the clearest proof that both were created at the same time and could be proof of the existence of Lilith. Lilith had been created equal to Adam. While she would have had different organs inside, the reproductive organs, in general terms they both had the same strength and character.

But Where Did Lilith Go?

Catholic churches censored the apocryphal texts. Lilith had been a woman who had a character that was firm, and she was intelligent and seemed to be superior to Adam. However, Adam was more dominant in character and had a carnal appetite. In intimacy, Lilith demanded that Adam be on her, and she could be on him, but Adam refused.

This was said to have caused conflict and so there was a separation of the two and Lilith was banned by God when Adam asked. The apocryphal book of Genesis states “Why should I lie beneath you? He asked: I was also made with dust, and therefore I am your equal … As Adam tried to force her to obey, Lilith, angry, pronounced the name of God, and left.”

But if Lilith went, the big question is where did she go? There was only supposed to be two people at that time. It was suggested that she ran straight into the arms of the devil. It was said that all creatures lived in the Garden of Eden and there were demons. These were beings that had specific functions, and they were not allowed to be in any contact with any other creature. Lilith left Adam and went to Samael, one of the demons, and she bore his offspring.

It was said that she then pronounced the name of God and so God cursed her with the generation that procreated with Samael. The text says “She liked the man’s reproductive liquid very much, and she always walks to the point of seeing where she has fallen. All the liquid of man that does not end in the matrix of the wife is hers: all the seminal liquid that man finds wasted throughout his life, whether by adultery, by vice or in sleep.”

Lilith was made into a demon with God cursing her and all of her offspring. When Lilith was cursed God realized that Adam was all alone again and chose to make him a companion. This time in order to ensure that is companion would be obedient he took one of Adams own ribs and created Eve.

Eve was the second wife of Adam and in the Bible was said to be the one behind the sin of the forbidden fruit. Adam was said to have lived with Eve without issue until they both got expelled from paradise and this was when humanity in permanent sin started.

It seems that what caused trouble with the old hierarchy of the church was the fact of the relationship with seduction along with pleasure and equality. Through history, the religions that have been established there have not been equality between the female and the male religious figures. This saw the accounts of Lilith being censored from the Bible as it gave ideas of empowerment to women.

Lilith was the first woman, before Eve, to exist but she was more intelligent and rebellious and had a better character than man, so she was punished and censured.


The Bible talks about Adam and EVE the silly lie about some other woman has been around longer than the sandle.

There is no “conspiracy” here


Good to see you made it Shadow. And as in most cases you are completely correct. What they fail to mention is that Lillith is a demon called forth by the Caananites and the JEWS who combined Hebrew with Caananites beliefs to make a belief that God hated.

No demon has ever been married. Adam had no other wife than Eve. This lie on Lillith traces back to the ancient pagan writings.


Face it…Adam was a stud,like any other animal group​:shushing_face:…hey Danny :+1:

The Mother of Demons or The First Woman?

Whats the saying, Hell has no Fury over a Scorned Woman.

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Capt I stand to be corrected here but I believe demons can assume either sex. I base this on known demons such as succubus and incubus. Both of those demons can have mental sex with humans even to the point of of physical sensation although it is dangerous and something to be concerned about and put a stop to it if it happens to a person


i could be wrong, but i believe you correct. I understand Its Angels that have no sexes just masculin or feminin personas, & or likenesses… :beers:
Not my video , although its in my mystic tab, on my youtube channel…lol
i have vids on both incubus & succubus also…i could post but dont think i need to hijack the thread tho’…

The Old Testament talks of only1 or two men, that have risen to the rank of angel, & the only one i know for sure, stayed Masculin…

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Ok so tell me two humans who rose to be angels. I eagerly await the answer on that one

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well then, i’ve never read a hebrew book in my life, maybe somebody that’s familiar w/the Torah or Talbott can help w/that. i have only “listened to the Book of Enoch” & that’s interesting by itself w/whats learned about Angels.
Enoch+ ascension = Metatron

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Good to see you Danny… Perhaps, I have read some misinformation… I heard about this same story too from Jewish literature… That Lilith was Adam’s first wife but she rebelled… The story I heard about was that she went on to remarry… Her second husband was a fallen angel named, Samael… That guy really hates mankind… I’m not saying it is true… Just that there are some people that really believe that story… I was not there at the time, so I don’t know…

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If I remember correctly, sheElf used to post about this Lilith douchebagette.

I know what happened to her.

You are correct. I am not going to break down how she incorporated Lillith into her beliefs but I will tell you that the whole idea of a Lillith goes back to Babylonian cannibalism. Many believers that believe that a certain race of people on this planet are not totally human use this as kind of a reverse nephilim. They see children from a male human and a spirit instead of the other way around.


Ahh, the myth that doesn’t seem to die on DTV. And usually those positing the myth don’t even have the information presented correctly. First, the Lilith myth is from the 5th centuryCE, and is found in the Babylonian Talmud. It has nothing to do with the Bible at all except through the connection of Judaism. 2nd, Lilith, according to the myth, came after Eve, not before.

Her name and personality are thought to be derived from the class of Mesopotamian demons called lilû (feminine: lilītu ), and the name is usually translated as “night monster.” A cult associated with Lilith survived among some Jews as late as the 7th century ce.

In rabbinic literature Lilith is variously depicted as the mother of Adam’s demonic offspring following his separation from Eve or as his first wife.

Lilith (/ˈlɪlɪθ/; Hebrew לִילִית Lîlîṯ) is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th century AD). Lilith is often envisioned as a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness.

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TELOCVOVIM posted this didn’t he?

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Exactly as I have said earlier. You cannot inform those that refuse to learn. Lillith has also been incorporated into many modern satanic cults as well, but at least they do recognize her for what it is, a demon.


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Hey buddy! Hope you have been well! Great to see you!

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Some is myth and the story you just related I have heard from ex-satanists. The bottom line truth is that Adam only had one wife that is related in the Bible and that was Eve. The rest of the story has been altered and manipulated from religion to religion. What we know for sure is the Satan loves to misdirect people in the wrong direction.
If anything Lillith is a demon succubus.

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