Lockdown is rapidly approaching

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As June the 21st is rapidly approaching the UK government are testing as many people as possible in order to justify the upcoming lockdown, they’ve even enlisted the help of the armed forces.
Lets get those infection rates as high as possible.


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Probably cranking up the cycles on PCR also.

Can’t let people have their rights back.

Plus if things return to normal…many court cases will commence.


Been reading about this and I agree with you mate that we will be in another lockdown but still allowed to work because we don’t get covid at work it just likes to infect us when we’re enjoying ourselves…


The virus is hocus pocus hypocritical hypnosis like the government process.
We are and need more germs than human cells for our immune systems to survive.
I have no fear nor should you of the control and power that the world wields.
We are immortal ‘Namaste’ meaning (I bow to you) the immune system in me recognises the same in you.
I am you.
You are me.
In that view,
There is glee.


Israel on the rise again:


Oh I like the rules where I work, I work in a shipyard, in the workshops we have to wear surgical masks, though not all of the time only when there are people near to us within 2 metres, if we wear surgical masks we can stand and work right next to each other, now on board the vessels we gave to wear a ppf2/3 mask which has been face fitted to suit us, now this is where things get interesting, in our mess rooms as soon as we sit down we can remove our masks because it’s safe to do so because covid gets scared when we sit down it actually runs out of the mess rooms lol :joy: yep quite hard to believe really and we get tested by the company every week twice if we really want to.
Well you figure it and most people have been vaccinated too with either one or two vaccines.


Social conditioning, do as your told no matter how ridicules and get used to it.
Government shipyard by any chance ?


It certainly is, how did you guess that one?

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Funny how the NHS will test anyone for the old Wuhan flu. But hey if you need to self isolate and get one so you can go into hospital they dont want to know you. So much so they tell you to break the hospitals policy of 72hrs isolation to go to a walk in test site. And say we won’t send the hospital the results we will let you know and you can tell them. Thats if you get the results back intime to be admitted. Bloody NHS


knock, knock
who is it?
army testing squad
I cannot open, I’m self isolating
you have covid?
no, whooping diarrhea, do you have anal swabs with you to check me up?

they’ll be gone :rofl:


Naaa there doing anal swabbing in China :astonished::rofl::rofl:

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Yes, but once upon a time covid was found only in China, look at it now :rofl:

So, are the British people ever going to wake up and start going kinetic? There are no other options left on the table for any free society in this world. A fight is upon us…or we roll over and let them sodomise us in our own homes!

It is time for a full scale revolution.


Take a bunch of ketchup. Put in your mouth. When they knock on the door, start coughing. Let some of it out. They’ll come back in 7 days. Repeat process.

Too many sheep have already signed their life away unfortunately.

And of that…there is no turning back.

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No.no no no no no no no no no.
Just no

Only if we obey…


Exactly mate it doesn’t make any sense, I work in the gas industry and regularly have face fits where they release particles into the room to see if the mask is working correctly. I can tell anyone ( and have done ) that any face covering that’s not on a clean shaven face and fitted properly will not stop the virus particle getting in or out. It may not even stop the virus particle as it is a lot smaller than what the masks are tested for. I have had people say it helps reduce its spread and I’m telling them it most certainly doesn’t stop that virus from getting in or out. Looking at the vaccination figures over 40m have had the first death jab and 28m had the 2nd, that’s how bad the British have got

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