LOL...Most common Covid symptom is a headache

I had Covid over Christmas and had no symptoms. Zero nothing.

The rest of my family had different symptoms. My brother in law went to the hospital because he had trouble breathing, he takes medicine for gout in his knees, I believe this medicine is lowering his immune system, aside from that no one had any serious symptoms.


You got this wrong mate :rofl:, most common symptom of covid will soon be tendency to question authority.

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Next the common symptoms will be occasional hunger, thirst, tiredness, sensitivity to sunlight, and the need to go to the toilet.


I can’t believe that Biden is sending all that “vaccine” to other countries…what happens when it starts killing citizens of those countries?? Tsk :confounded:

They all hate us anyway…

Just gives em another reason…when the H1N1 vaccine came out, 53 (I think) had adverse reactions and they pulled it.
Like I said…Covid? Bring it. I am not afraid of the virus. The jab? Now that scares me.

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I read about that yesterday. I think over one thousand people have died from the vaccine in the UK, and around half a million adverse reactions have been recorded.

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I think we are seeing a worse symptom that that…it is called stupidity…



Now a runny nose as well.

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