London 2012 Opening Ceremony: A message for what's happening right now!

I’ve just seen this. It’s a real eye opener to me.

Does anyone think this is a message about what’s happening now?

There’s the grim reaper, loads of hospital beds with clocks on them, children walking round without adults.


I remember when this went down, like the creepy cern thing it was weird af at the time…


If you notice that the clocks on the beds, they’re all set to 8 o’clock.

This was 2012 and 8 years later was when the pandemic started.

This is definitely code or revelation of method (telling us what’s happening to eliminate negative karma)


nice spotting, revelation of method, very interesting. Its something they do a lot right? I noticed this aspect in an incident that happened here in nz, the mosque shooting, the guy emailed our PM and a number of media outlets his manifesto hours before.

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Subliminal messaging for the masses…probably why so many were pre-conditioned into excepting/believing this plandemic.


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There has been a few posts that highlights this kind of thing. From this event along with others which contains strange yet subtle messages within them. Its the same with TV shows and movies. And the more you watch these the more you begin to see things that you previously missed. That finding has pointed out with the clocks all set to 8 o’clock is a very good example of this. How many had seen it until now? This with all these other things is all NLP nuro linguistic programming. And is all part of the plan the tptb have made. Putting out the very small and subtle messages of whats to come.


Yeh they’ve been doing it for decades mainly in movies, t.v. shows and music videos. You don’t realise until you actually know about, then you can see it clear as day.

It’s all about witchcraft and karma. If they tell us early enough they see it as it’s our own fault for not acting to counter it. If they didn’t reveal what they were doing first they’d get negative karma projected back onto them.

If it’s on t.v. it must be true as they wouldn’t lie to us as they have our best interests at heart.

Always for the greater good…sounds just like North Korea.

You’re exactly right mate.

I wonder how many more have we not noticed as it’s not happened yet?

We’d have to watch everything over again to try and predict what’s being said.

The majority of the population see these signs but don’t correlate the actual message and dismiss it as part of the script.

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I’d rather take my chances with Kim lol

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