London cops barge into Good Friday service and declare it an UNLAWFUL event

Fat little small balls Boris Johnson is at it again.
No Muslim services have been affected though because that would have taken courage and courage is something the UK establishment do not posses.
Not that I have anything against Islam because I haven’t, It’s just become another religion Satanists uses to further their agenda.
Like we see in countries like France and soon the UK.


Polakaphobia has always been a dirty secret of the British establishment.

The list is endless.

That cop sounded like James Corden.

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A fat decadent soy boy with garden peas for balls, yes I agree.


The West is lost. When you cannot even stand up for the destruction of your own culture and values, you are done…


Sold out like the rest of planet Earth.


Well…back to the old caves I suppose.


It was always an illusion, there’s no need to keep up the façade anymore now the power has shifted so dramatically.

Who wants to help me fight


And the barely conscious portly little female cop with her arms folded in defiance of something she has absolutely no concept of completely overwhelmed by her own self importance, self importance being the absolute limit of her awareness.

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Don’t start me off mate I’m desperately trying to avoid hell…now if God…

Psalm 146:3-4

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Once I have my army we can create heaven on earth my sword comes out my mouth what I can’t say here make it eyeballs pop out ur fukn head it’s so simple

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Well put!

I wonder what the reaction would have been had this happened in a Mosque :thinking:

… lets be honest … this would not have been allowed to happen in a Mosque.

The police may have the right within their remit but to just disrupt things is a lack of respect.

And did they really have to follow the letter of their law? …

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Meanwhile strip clubs open for business.

Anybody notice the video date stamp is 02/04/2021?

In the UK that date would be 2nd April 2021, in the US February 4th 2021.

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Thank you for the clarification, much appreciated.