London Lockdown Protests Live

Its just kicked off there with the cops & protestors. Cops forced a woman to the ground and its escalating :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

Live link if anyone is interested.


No offense meant but it seems pretty tame to me and low attendance for high population city like London. My sister lives in London I am going to call her and see what the local lowdown is

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Dont think its as large an attendance as the previous one 3 or 4 weeks ago.

It was starting to get a bit rowdy with the police when I posted it. But you dont want these things decending into pitched battles. A clear voice and peaceful protest is what you want.

I mainly posted as when last London protest happened some folk were asking for links so when I saw the live link I thought I’d throw it up for anyone interested.

At least folk are still having a presence – although protesting the lockdown pales with protesting the deceipt and calling them out on it.


We will have a million in London this coming Saturday 26th


It’s typical of the establishment to arrest and lock up dissenting voices such as the magnitude of this crude lie and obscene vaccine that has been forced on it’s citizens, hence the numbers of police far outweighing protestors. It gives the media arm a shot of confidence but that’s a con.

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Problem is the Government don’t pay attention,and the media don’t cover it.

The Government and Media are really going to make people take it too the next level.

And you can’t really blame the normal person for doing so.

The government are a bunch of Nazis.
These experiments and dictatorship rules…prove it.

The first sign of a dictatorship is censorship!


I don’t understand England. Skulls get cracked and blood flows over a soccer tournament and yet when their very lives are at stake, at best, harsh language is thrown at the oppressors. :thinking:


Coming from England I have to say it’s not quite black and white and many factions with violent actions litter the land. It’s certainly regressed from racism to harbouring hate for anyone at the gate.
There are now a lot of repressed and angry individuals mixed with mellow fellows the same as in any capitalist country.
Free festivals are a thing of the past but if memory serves correctly the music can still last.
From youth it’s seen as a rite of passage to punch or kick, to fight and follow a hunch that could be deemed as sick.
Yet in the ‘states’ of disrepair you have players talking of ‘standing on their throats’ until the ‘enemy’ is beaten.
So similarly the multi millionaires of sport and society alike amount to adults playing with their balls for the amusement of the bored horde lucky they can afford to laugh at humanities insanities.

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