Losing a Pet Is More Painful Than Most People Think

Ask any pet owner about their pet and they’ll say how amazing and awesome having a new best friend is. Pets are the perfect company. They’re always happy to see their owners. Whether they’re gone for five minutes or five hours, their pets will be waiting eagerly at the door to welcome them home. They love playing around and can do tricks and pranks to make everyone laugh. They’re great with kids and will always offer love and care, no matter the situation. Pets are always there to cheer anyone up and are quick to offer a warm hug and a bit of comfort when it’s needed. Pets are amazing! However, this makes it all the more difficult to say goodbye when the time comes. It’s far more painful than what many people think.

Final Goodbyes

The fact that pets are so amazing and wonderful creatures explains why so many people find it too difficult to say goodbye to their pets when they finally pass away. However anyone looks at it, it’s still the loss of a best friend and loved one. Losing a pet is, and always will be, a traumatic and painful experience for everyone. Many people underestimate the pain felt after losing a dog, cat, parrot, or any other pet for that matter. It’s for this reason that researchers decided to investigate the extent of sorrow owners feel in the aftermath of losing their beloved pets.

Mascota Y El Hombre Pet German Shepherd

How much does it hurt?

To find out the extent to which pet owners were hurt when they lost a pet, researchers decided to set up an investigation. The study was carried out in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico. Here, researchers questioned pet owners about their feelings after the loss of their pet. It’s no surprise that all the pet owners agreed that the pain has just been too intense and deep to handle.

This isn’t the only research that has been done on this difficult topic either. Hawaiian researchers have also initiated some studies into the pain felt after losing a pet and interestingly, they have even found that the pain after the death of a pet is usually much longer lasting than the pain which is felt after the loss of a loved one. It’s universally agreed by many people that they simply cannot compare the pain that they experience after the loss of their pet to the one after the loss of a loved one. Both hurt very much, but the fact is that pet owners are deeply connected to their pets. So much so that losing them is like losing their soul mate. It’s just too much for the heart to handle.

There’s no doubt about it - the death of a beloved pet is difficult and tough to bare. It’s understandable why so many people say that the pain and hurt is just too much for them. As the owner of a dog myself, I cannot help but think about that dreaded day when my little pooch passes. Just thinking about it is enough to turn my stomach over many times. That day is inevitable but until then, it’s important to have fun with our pets while we still can. Hopefully my dog has many years of life left in her for us to run around and enjoy, as do many of yours! Just take things one day at a time and enjoy it while it lasts.

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Our dogs are our kids. We were too busy and never wanted to bring children up in today’s world. Finally after we sold our business and moved into the middle of nowhere our dogs are having the time of their lives. We’d be lost without them.


I am curious about the need for posting something like this on a conspiracy forum?

Anywho, lets talk about cannabis and dogs. As someone with an aging dog, who has been poisoned by the powers that be 3 times at least now. I can attest to the healing power of cannabis oil. Hopefully this can help you and your pooch too….

Read up on the end cannabinoid system, we can literally heal many of our ailments by the power of cannabis (or Kaneh Bosm as it was referred to in the Bible). Thanks to William Randolph Hearst the medicine we used for millennia has been demonized to such an extent we forgot all about it.

I have found both cbd and straight up thc cannabis oil to be of great benefit, life saving even.

Right off the bat lets establish that THC can be toxic and even lethal for dogs. The vet ERs are full of dogs eating a whole batch of edibles. Tongue hanging out, loss of motor functions seizures etc. bad news. The name of the game is micro-dosing your dog, take it slow. With cbd full human doses are perfectly fine. Make sure you get the good stuff - whole plant extract, medicinal grade if you can find it.

With THC oil you don’t need much, your best off making your own. You don’t need it full strength unless your treating advanced cancer. So you don’t necessarily need buds, though it doesn’t hurt. You can totally use trim, very cheap if you can find it. Get some coconut oil which itself is a wonderful medicine for them. Decarb the ganja cook it up with he coconut oil, strain it, put in fridge and use as need be! Look it up on Youtube plenty of how tos. It can be used internally, topically and analy.

Internally start with tiny doses and watch the reaction. One drop , two drops all the way up to say 10-20 drops for big dogs and especially those who have a tolerance. Analy they don’t get stoned but get the healing benefits, and you can up the doses. Topically amazing as well for aches , pains and swelling. You can give them several more years, and certainly ease their pain. All of this applies to humans too. Though if you got serious issues look into Rick Simpson oil.

Strains matter, so don’t use the super strong stuff with your doggo.

CBD by itself should have you seeing results almost immediately. When I told my vet the success I was having she all but put her fingers in her ears and said I don’t want to hear it. My treating my own dog cost her thousands of dollars worth in profits and those annual all paid vacations in the Bahamas courtesy of big Pharma sure are hard to pass up!

Oh and also medicinal mushrooms are a must, chaga, turkey tails, reishi, shitake, birch polypore actually there are many. The comprehensive immune support by Host Defense is excellent!


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I would certainly killed myself if anything happened to my cutey cat at this juncture… the last beautiful thing in my life gone…

This thread was painful :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

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