Losing faith | my departure from theism

I rather have knowledge than faith. Even the bible says to “know” the truth. Not believe in the truth. Not have faith in the truth.

Whats faith? Believing without seeing…

No wonder so many people are deceived into so many different things, because they use faith instead of common sense…

Once you start using your minds to think more scientifically and less superstitiouslly then you will be free indeed… Free from religion…


We should take care not to make the intellect our god: it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.
Albert Einstein


I left the christian faith also. And I dont hold intellect as god, but have no beliefs, only knowledge or lack of knowledge. Having debunked the bible soundly after studying it 10,000 hours and teaching it for eight years, preaching urban streets, and belonging to a couple of churches, I see the faith for what it is- a bunch of confused self-involved gods who are so clueless, follow wolves in sheeps clothing called pastors who maniputate them into being tools of the Luciferian Vatican (all denominations fall under its rule now), and they are in torment in their hell realm, always trying to bring others in. I find them to be abominable creatures who have no heart, no love, no passion, and who are damn DUM. They put on appearances of being holy and loving to trap others into their hell, and are the phoniest beings.


Could they be any more arrogant, self-important, and grandiose than thee? Doubtful.


I would also say the OP never departed becaue he was never there to start with in the firsts place. He never got to faith he is trying to lead others down the path of nothingness that he lives in daily…

I was an atheist until I was 36 years old…I’m not going to debate the validity of the Bible or the existence of God with you…I will simply say,be very careful about dragging others into the dark conflict you have found yourself in…you’re not ‘enlightened’ like you believe yourself to be.


So I am arrogant for having knowledge rather than faith? NO, it is because I said what I think of christians. And I am grandiose, while the christians parade as Jesus (but will deny it), and here this idiot is talking in KJV stupidity. And while pastors go all over the web preaching “what god has to say” down to the sheep, I am self-important for calling them dum. Christians love to see more people in hell with them, and I am the bad guy for pointing it out. There is on defending themselves, they know I speak truth, but this moron wants to insult me because he takes offense at what I said. By the way, I have composed THE UNOTLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY, ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, and EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE. How many books have you written? I have volunteered 45,000 hours helping homeless, mentally ill, and elderly unpaid. I have spent the past thirty five years helping humanity. If I did think myself to be important, so dam what? What have you done? What makes you important, or do you just want to insult me blindly because you have nothing good to do, and probably never have. Most christians do nothing to help anybody freely, but do like to complain regarding taxes, homosexuals (while tithing to pedophile priests), love going to war to kill the “enemy” who is innocent, they love to deceive and they would never do any good at all if they werent’ threatened with hell or rewarded with heaven. Their consciences are seared and they have no natural love, only self-interest/


It is however, better than the hell that you are in, but you wouldn’t say that, as it might stop some youth from finding faith, and thus, hell.


Each to there own,
it does seem unusual for a person to make a song and dance
about there religious “thing” though repeatedly and obsessively.

You either do or dont, but nobody cares either way,
no one is forcing anyone to be religious or be a believer or follow any religion
except in countries where the religion of peace does its brutal thing with those who dont play
ball, thats the exception and just about the only one too.

There is some irony in that, we never ever hear about the shortcomings and pitfalls of yslam
from the same source that has to constantly explain to us there disbelief,
only a satanist would exert so much effort into trying to convince others not to have faith.
Normal emotionally mentally healthy people allow others to just be.

People with big issues would try to constantly exert pressure on strangers to not have faith in our father and the son of man, in my humble opinion/observations that is.
The irony is the more pressure they exert the more they increase faith and the more they
proove revelations end times mentalities attitudes and actions of anti-christ behaviours and attitudes yep.

Thats quite funny really… :laughing:


This has tobe from a unknown S.King novel…
a prolog from “the walls beneath” …
(i’ll take creds 4 the name) i checked its open…lol
Dam that book sounds scary as hell.
if you’re promoting a halloween script,
You picked the correct folks to survey…

I find it hillarious that every time xtheist gets shut down he just re-posts the same lame BS in a new thread and pretends it never happened. like the details he can’t argue with when people said God healed them all over the world when they prayed incluiding myself.

Another garbage atheist post from this loser * yawn * you get a real hobby.

That’s totally not true millions of kids everyday are forced,coerced brow beaten, abused and brainwashed into accepting other peoples delusions. If you’d watched the OP video you would have seen a perfect example.

Look at this woman here, I daresay under normal conditions at work or church she’s probably a perfectly nice polite unassuming lady. BUT when one of the kids questions the jesus myth that SHE has brainwashed into him out comes the true face of her delusion and abuse.

Religeon = Child abuse , poisoning of the most innocent minds


I daresay not a shred of evidence to back up this claim.

Amazing how god does headaches and back pain, but turns a blind eye to childrens’ hospitals. And let’s not forget in 2000 years not one single amputee healed ,

" Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these"


That is what you wish and project because misery loves company. You think you know people. I live a blessed life pal. I have been blessed with more than I ever deserved.
I have faith and happiness. I am not posting a pitiful poor me agree with me posting now am I?

You wish I was having it bad…but not sorry to disappoint you.

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You had a job and a profession. Every fallen evangelist I have ever know will admit privately that they never knew God in the first place. A person that has ever truly known God cannot ever be the same and go back to the world with any peace and contentment.
I have met dozens over the years with the same story. I was a member of a church where the preacher had been preaching for 30+ years and he stood up and admitted he had never been saved and he had been playing a part.
Not a rare story at all actually. Sad thing is those that have preached and taught the Word are held to a higher standard and shall reap accordingly. That part would scare me.


Listen to this psycho mom telling here own child she would rather have aborted him than he not believe in jesus


Evangelists are constantly on television and internet preaching to try to convince unbelievers to join the faith. WHy are they called evangelists,if that is not what they do? And parents make their children go to church. Ever go to a website where christians try to win you over? Happens to me often. But it is rare that atheists try to bring any christian to sanity and reality. They stear clear of those sociopathic christians. The Christians love to bring atheists and agnostics and others into their hell realm, the luciferian christians are the most evil deceptive manipulative and guileful asps tongued evil beings parading as saints.


Thank you for the video. I am on meds, and grateful for them and for my christian family for staying the hell away and shunning me. Good riddance


Shame about your family dude real shame, I’ve no idea what it’s like as, having been born atheist like everyone else my brain was not washed by this wicked tradition.

My best friend is a christian we are like chalk and cheese but we just skirt around the god topic pretty well and all is fine. If family can’t do this then they’re obviously not that convinced of their beliefs. Your situation reminds me of this -