Lots of troops in DC

What do you think is going on?
Security for the so called inauguration?
Or something else?


I think there will be multiple deaths and arrests if more thugs want more violence.


Do they normally deploy that many troops for presidential inaugurations?


They are going to be there to crack the skulls of any traitor trump supporters that try to do something stupid.


no this is not for the inauguration. This is draining the swamp. I hope every guilty person whether republican, demonrat, independent, whoever is involved in the act of treason is held in a military tribunal. you forfeit any right once treason has been committed. I don’t see what legit reason any American would be against getting rid of any corruption. it is not about trump, its bigger than one man.he played a part on tv and from what i have heard about him away from tv is countless charitable acts direct to those people and not a scheming foundation, fight for the veterans, fight for religious freedom, putting america first, being neighborly to our allies and foes, brought troops home, avoided military conflict, calling congress out and anyone else on their bullshit, true patriotism going back to 80’s interviews he always was supportive of our brothers who defend justice. The man would have “A-list” celebs waiting to meet him after an appearance and he would walk by them to go shake the first responders, security, etc and make the celebs wait. left used to love the guy and Hussein Obama said he was the epitome of American Dream. They knew if an outsider started looking then they were screwed, thats why they lied about russia collusion and using the ol accuse the other of what you are actually doing trick. the guy is not perfect as we all have done and will do things that aren’t the best way to handle situation, but i haven’t heard 1 intelligent rational reason about his policies. I would really like to hear something im sure there is but i have yet to become aware of anything. I do wish he hadnt signed the last corona bill, even though i lost my business and Christmas tree had very little material things under it but salvation and truth always available without paying a dime. America we ain’t perfect but by Gods grace we strive to be.


My sister is a Sgt first class in the national guard. She said this happens every 4 years, for the inauguration. They wer asking for volunteers, NY sent 1000.


If you really believe that, let me tell you about this bridge I got for sale, you might find it to be an excellent investment opportunity.


I am not sure but I bet you there are some liberals there that are so nervous i could stand outside and hear them shaking.


Nervous? Why nervous? I look forward to see some alt-right traitors get their skulls bashed in.


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So, what can I do for you to believe that I am myself and not someone else?

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Good question.
Someone said this is normal.
I guess it’s wait and see…

I think the deep state is deploying troops to protect the deep state…
The thing that is SOOOOOOO DISGUSTING about this is:

30 People died in the riots of 2020:

All of this because the claim was George Floyd died from the cops:

Never mind the fact that he had fatal levels of fentanyl in his blood and was completely resisting arrest…if he was calm and had nothing to hide then he would have just let them get him in the police car…but he struggled…got his heart rate way up…with deadly levels of fentanyl.

Illicit fentanyl, an Ăśber-potent opioid manufactured around the world in clandestine labs and used to adulterate heroin, is largely responsible for the soaring death rate, according to the CDC. While illicit fentanyl used to be concentrated in New England, it has rapidly spread across the Midwest and in recent years has made its way to the West Coast. In San Francisco, more people have died this year from overdoses than from COVID-19.
CDC: Drug Overdose Deaths in 2020 on Track to Break Record

But you know…the riots, the damage, the lost businesses, the lost lives, and the people who were so badly injured they will never be the same…that is all justifiable and no need to call in national guard or protect anyone…because…what was it that Hillary said…right…they were all “the deplorables”. Did anyone jump up and down on Capital hill about the riots and the deaths?? Only a handful of people…everyone else…crickets.

Then you have ONE semi-violent (as in surging into a building by mild force) protest due to obvious election fraud…and it still hasn’t been determined if it was truly the supporters or if it was planned by antifa/left forces…and OH MY GOD… everyone freaks out and talks about how deadly and violent it was…

No cars were set on fire…no other businesses were destroyed…the only people harmed were the ones shot by…oh…yeah…POLICE…and since they were white and at a Trump supporter event…yeah…no big deal.

So awesome… I am counting the days when this whole thing goes sideways on the “Biden Supporters” and those who have been all in favor of this administration realize they picked the wrong side…by then it will be too late and the end of America as we know it…

Anyone who can look at everything that has happened and is happening and say “Yeah, that is how I would want to be treated if I was on the other political side of the fence”… is just lying to themselves.


I would tend to agree.

If they were soooo concerned about trump supporters leading into the 6th, where was this mobilization then? Or the barriers and fences they have erected since…


As I provided in another thread, let us not be so quick to forget.


So they arrive 9 days before the inauguration?


The troops were ordered by Trump. :wink:


I have a doubt if the military is taking orders from someone other than the President unless this is really really deep state. Military oaths say lawful and legal orders from Commander in Chief and unless Trump was telling them to just kill innocents its lawful. What is unlawful about stationing troops in areas of high likelihood of violence and unrest?


that’s not very niiiiiiice. but i’m curious to know if you’ve seen the MANY videos of the antifa bullies getting their faces beat in any time they’ve attacked anyone that isn’t a middle aged mom walking with her children, or an 80 year old man with his bicycle, or a group of elderly women eating dinner? there are plenty of those videos showing antifa cowards getting destroyyyyed.