Loving Your Enemies!

As a society I think a lot of us have been taught that we take revenge on people who do us wrong, or at least don’t have anything to do with them after they have wronged us. But, what about actually forgiving them, or trying to see ourself in them?

I know I have a past that I wish I could erase and totally start over. But, my past is still there and I think the people who do us wrong are going to feel the same way about the way they treated us or anyone else, later in life. Let’s give those people a helping hand by forgiving them and loving them in anyway we can.

I hope this finds everyone well.

Words of Godly wisdom my friend. We would do well to need your advice which God Himself says to do also.

if its biden or tromp people all ha e their minds made up and vote their candy no matter what. human centipede

Hearts and minds have been seared shut…sides have been chosen…the influence of hypocrites and liars has all but overcome logic and reason and for many, their consciousnesses are dead…forgiveness is but a mere afterthought and bloodthirsty revenge dominates almost every thought of mankind.

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We’ve all been given a platform(social media/internet) to speak “our truths,” problem is, it doesn’t always mesh with the other sides “truths.”
Now…both “truths” are out there and solidified on the internet with no way to discern truth from lies. Theres no great mediation orical to help guide to the real answers so now all thats left is to fight over it. Goggle can’t tell us the truth, Twitter can’t tell us the truth, Facebook definitely can’t tell us the truth because they’d lie about it anyway. Now we feel as though we’re fighting for whats right. Problem is, so does the other side. Why would one give in over the other. Society is evolving to be a place without compromise. Before the internet, we all went about our business on the exact same planet as we do today except now theres a genie out of a bottle that we can’t put back in.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen the old cliche, “a double edged sword,” ring more true than when talking about the internet and social media.

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