Lumps Found In Breasts after Vaccination

As a member of the female ranks, I take any articles published in regards to women’s health (especially risks to women’s health) pretty seriously. I’ve long admired the work David Icke brings forth to the public. He’s worked diligently to awaken the masses to the varying degree’s of evil within our human ranks. If you’ve never dared to see the world through Icke’s eyes, I challenge you do to so, and for all you ladies, this article may be worth a read.

I have been actively studying and engaged in herbal remedies to maintain my own personal health. I began this quest over 14 years ago, discarding alcohol consumption and replacing bad coping habits with healthy ones. I have not gotten sick with a cold or flu since 2007. A lot of what I promote is wellness, spiritual wellness, and also mental clarity for those who seek alternative paths to staying healthy. I am a reiki master, and with social distancing and all the fear surrounding human health at this time, I can’t express enough just how difficult it is to NOT TOUCH PEOPLE FOR WELLNESS PURPOSES. For someone like myself, human touch is essential for maintaining a higher disciplined frequency, in order to render assistance in clearing energic toxins from the energy field of human bodies. Vaccines go against everything I believe in. It’s our responsibility as individuals, to seize wellness as a belief in our minds, and then it is able to manifest for us in our lives. Do take care of yourselves. Turmeric Spice is extremely toxic for cancer. Do take care.


It’s not going to make any difference you WILL be made to have the vaccine.

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I am right there with you. Most people discredit David Icke for being a conspiracy nut but if one would just read some of what he has written about with an open mind you would realize that much of what he says just makes sense. I think at this point those that still believe that there is a magic vaxx to save them are the ones that sleep with their smart phones beside them in bed so they dont miss the latest news feed or facebook post…good post!

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Our health nurse who got vaccinated discovered a month later she had “breast cancer” and had both breasts removed just last week.

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OooOOo! HOW SCARY!!! Shivering in me boots! The logic behind this doesn’t add up for me. Do you care to elaborate further on why you have this belief? From my perspective, I see a fake president surrounded by razorwire fencing and military troops. I on the other hand, am surrounded by tree’s and wilderness. How do you wager everyone will be forced to take a vaccine which is classified as an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG TREATMENT? Consent to be a clinical subject in medical experiments is kinda required ya? Just don’t see the logic behind forced vaccinations rolling out. They gonna drone shoot us up with them? I’ve dreamt it, so God already knows about that plan. Them dreams stopped tho, like in 2014 for me, so yeah. We on a different timeline, perhaps you need to jump on over with the rest of us living in light intention.

Terrible. What religion does this Nurse practice?

Sorry but i’m not the one who will be forcing you to have the vaccine, i’m just pointing out that you won’t have a choice, unless you believe the authorities will listen to reason.

Authorities? bro… right now the united states of america appears to be under construction with a dementia minded clown at the helm. So excuse me if I stand with my constitutional rights and my natural law given rights given to every woman, man and child under the sun, stars and moon above… god laws. Natural laws… you wanna encourage unethical uprising in the populace. Go right ahead. Roll out draconian nazi style forced camps and injections for us “nut jobs”.

I agree and hope that who ever is given the tasked of forcing me to have the vaccine believes in the vaccine so much they are willing to give their life for it.

:alien: would rather choose to kick it with these guys if humans gonna get all draconian and cannibalistic. Cause sorry, no, not normal for me. Not gonna work out personally, but it might work for someone else. Some people really love their fear states of mind. Mind prison. My best advice is to anyone stuck in fear is to breathe lots, be gentle with oneself, go on nature walks and reconnect with the natural vibes of this reality, and drink tea, try to rest… lots of turmeric. Get injected. How your body processes the toxin is individual. That’s what’s being studied. They wanna get the death dose, JUST RIGHT.

My tought about the vaccine it’s been know.

However, for completeness of information, I share this Link.

I do not deny that reading the article on Fox News, which undoubtedly intends to be reassuring, instead had the opposite effect in me.
I personally found the possible formation of lumps in the breast after the administration of the vaccine disturbing.

Only time will give us an answer to this …

God bless us all

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Cheaper than implants… :rofl:
Sorry I know …

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