Magnetic Hydrogel: The Reason for the COVID Vax Magnet Phenomenon?

So @Brendace just posted about about Dawn’s “magnetism” Magnets and metal sticking to unvaccinated people. Me - #48 by brendace and so I had to do some searching on it and found this article about "Magnetic Hydrogel."
I posted the link to this on Brendaces post and thought, yeah, that would be a good companion post.
Thank you Dawn for sharing your experience with us.

The article ends with a ? and is why I have put it under conspiracy and not health.



I Know You Can Elaborate
On This…


We could go way down the wabbit hole and wonder about the earths polarity and human polarity. Does this add a new twist to bipolar?


Thank you so much for posting this. My post probably did not belong under health LOL. I tried to change it to conspiracy late last night - but seemed to have edited the post too many times before that effort. There was a photo of me in a bra that I put in - took out - etc. I don’t know if I am magnetic or sticky. Hell. But this does seem to fit. I am notoriously anti-doctor. My kids joke that I will try to fix a broken bone with coconut oil. Last time I was at the doctors for myself was five to six years ago. I did a round-off in the living room and broke three toes. Also LOL. Save to say - the only medical treatment I’ve had in the past 12 years - since the birth of my last child - is a couple of x-rays and an immobilizing boot. If I picked up some type of nano-technology - it was indirectly.

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No, it’s all actually just a Drama Game. When I am bored and have nothing better to do “I Play”. No “wabbit hole” to go down and no twists to anything considering it’s all been played out before, over and over.
Obviously you enjoy the game or you wouldn’t be here. Puzzles are fun whether they are based on fiction or non-fiction,
That said, anything to add to the game? Or are you just here to grumble and make lame attempts at being clever for self-serving ego tokens?
Oh, and by the way, how are you, you old silver-haired fart? … I mean Fox. It’s been a while. :laughing:

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Well… let me think about that last comment before I comment.
Ok. I’m good.
Actually, it was brought to my attention that some here were missing my presence. I had taken a hiatus due the wife’s cancer issues, but decided to come back since she’s doing somewhat better.
Regarding my posts and comments, since dealing with a medical system that doesn’t know it’s ass from a hole in the ground as they fumble about trying to figure out how to deal with my wife, I began to see this clusterfuckedness was not just limited individuals, but the world in general. Modern medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA and it would seem, regarding this covid bs, the world. So basically I am fed up with what is going on and the best way I can deal with this is to point it out. I truly believe we are destroyed for lack of knowledge. And I believe the acquisition of knowledge is similar to going down rabbit holes. I do admit that I used wabbit to try and be cute, but it obviously failed.
I’m glad you’re doing well, or at least I hope you’re doing well.


By the way, nice pic!


Oh man, sorry for bustin’ your chops I got carried away. I am so happy for you and your wife that she is doing better.
You are so dead-on right about the “medical system”, Dunning-Kruger Syndrome and Fake it ‘til You Make it, real bad there. I was losin’ it with all those Ego tokens they were giving to these already bloated ass-wipes in 2020. Yeah, thank a doctor or nurse from just another broken idiot system that kills 200,000 to 400,000 people yearly from incompetence and negligence they call accidents. Mostly unconscious murder, but I’m darn sure there’s much conscious murder going on there, especially during Covid 2020 especially because of the government paying them mass amounts of money for all those who required a ventilator … so they blew up people’s lungs for money, sick f*cks. I’ve greatly limited my doctor visits myself. I’m not sure I’d even go near an emergency room any time soon.
Yup, fed up too, but I’d go insane if I didn’t play the game. What else is there to do but seek knowledge/go down that wabbit hole? … and yes it was cute, you didn’t fail, I did.
Yes, I am doing well, working to build a new life after being “Reborn”. Hoping to save up and visit my Brother in Jesus, Danny, down South in the Carolina’s. Stay cool :sunglasses:


Aw shuckums :blush: Thank you.

For me, this is still a mystery about your magnetism… You rarely see doctors… You have not taken the new vaccinations… Even if Magnetic Hydrogel is the answer which I doubt, how were you exposed??.. Soaps, body lotions, perfumes, microwave frequencies or something in your diet??.. I wouldn’t totally rule it out but that also seems a little far fetched to me… Someone brought up the issue of aluminum tabs that stick to your forehead… Normal magnetism that I am aware of doesn’t explain that… I certainly can not get a heavy hammer to stick to my chest like you can do… Maybe its about how you channel your energies… If only you could become a money magnet and become very rich… You could afford take us all out to dinner… :grinning:

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The unvaxxed at serous risk too:


If I find out how to leverage this - I am definitely taking you all out for dinner. Lmao. I concede that the aluminum tabs might be sticking to me. I’m not dirty- at least not by my own dubious standards - but I do have oily facial skin. I just cannot think of any naturally produced adhesive that would get the hammer to work. I updated my post with a video of a lady making non-ferrous materials stick to her body too. Maybe it’s something different than magnetism? Maybe I’m a dadgum loon. LOL. I’ll be honest tho. For all the "go take a bath "brush-offs I’ve gotten - I actually feel a world better having posted it. I don’t now why that is, but somehow discussing it has made me feel a little less nutty about the whole thing. My brother said - maybe it’s the Seattle water. LOL. I’m about 40 miles out - but maybe. Who knows?

As far as diet - If you look in the photos vs the video - I am suuuuper bloated/unhealthy-looking in the video (later in the day) - vs. relatively reasonable in the photos (early on). I actually have a low tolerance for grains and sugar - which I’d spent the whole day eating at my grandkid’s birthday party. In general, I live basically on a keto diet. I keep revisiting that post to make that comparison - and to remind myself why I can’t eat toast and cake and whatnot - ever .Soooo - maybe I have a lot of iron in my blood from being pretty much a carnivore? For basic health/stay alive reasons, I’ve eaten a largely meat and veg diet for nearly two years. When everyone in the home has meatballs and spaghetti, I have meatballs with meatballs. My favorite vegetables are leafy greens - which are iron rich. That’s probably relevant. I eat a lot of iron-rich foods. As far as topical products - I’m single so I don’t put a ton of effort into appearance. Obvi. No makeup. I use one perfume by bvlgari - but like - sparingly. It’s so expensive I mostly open the bottle up and go - ahhh… smells like luxury. I use lubriderm for lotion, and wash with whatever body washes and shampoos are on sale. Suave, dove, I’m not picky. I literally lead the most boring life ever - by outside standards. I actually cannot think of one lifestyle-related factor that might do it. I have never owned a single microwave in my adult life. I haven’t eaten microwaved foods in over a decade - at least.

At the risk of sounding/seeming any crazier than I already do - I’m wont to point the finger at 5g towers. We live in a busy urban area that’s zoned for both residences and commercial properties. There are three large towers right near my home (within two blocks either way), six within four blocks. We’ve all had recurring headaches, weird but relatively mild skin rashes, problems focusing, issues with anxiety, etc. These things since they were put up last March. In fact, I’ve had to hide the Motrin in my house just to keep my older kids from self-treating their headaches. But also - maybe we’re just naturally rashy and headachy. LOL. We’ve certainly adapted so much that it almost seems so. I’m a tried and true conspiracy theorist so I try to pull my own self back from the brink when I can. But with this one - I put it out of my head and then randomly I’m like - let me go see real quick if that hammer still sticks to me. My thought is 5g or maybe the gray goo theory come to nest with self-replicating nanos.


Aluminium Miss not magnetic it is diamagnetic, force redirection


Yes, thanks, but let the others do the talking…qualified folks, the evil ones from Microsoft to start with, listen carefully what they say/predict in 2016…

Connection with 5G translated from Spanish site…DTV would not let me insert a link with wordpress in it. To see this one use bottom link to Henry Makow ( [graphene nanoparticles find resonance in the frequency of 41,6 GHz microwaves of the 5G technology) and translate the site yourself here Google Translate Web - iTools

“Friedman’s team realized that they could use a genetically engineered virus to create doorways into a neuron’s outer membrane.” → notice university name and year of publication…

More links inhere…

Off to work, have a nice day ladies, thanks for tagging and posting.


Kind of random, but I’m super grateful for this site. I felt like a total arse posting that, but it’s weird. After having debated it, and read all of the really thoughtful links people have posted, it’s almost at the waaay back of my mind. Now I’m almost lightweight amused. The truth is, God has saved me from waaaaaaay worse than this. Lol. I’m just gonna keep that thought at the forefront. I forget about some of the pickles I’ve intentionally put myself in. This is minor stuff compared to me making decisions in my 20s. I’m just going to assume if God doesn’t fix or end it, it’s not a big deal. It will be my new party trick. If it is a DNA thing like catman’s link said, i must say that i did like my old DNA just fine tho. Microsoft can bite it.


Thanks Dear Cat

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Surely if ones’ body produced enough of a magnetic attraction to hold heavy objects then this should have effects on electronics being used or in proximity of the individual.

Occams Razor would dictate that perhaps rare but natural explanations such as surface tension, oily pores etc should be ruled out before concluding an evil conspiracy.

Prior to serious investigation of their feet, perhaps these goats were assumed to be magnetic or such by the locals.

That was a very interesting video… :+1: I enjoyed watching it and thank you… Ms. Dawn shared an interesting video also on another thread… I believe her claims and do not think she was offering some type of hoax… Not ruling out natural explanations and teasing her a little bit… Admittedly, it is a bit of a mystery to me… A heavy hammer doesn’t stick to my chest… For an older guy, I still have a nice, manly chest without a lot of hair…


yea I see your goat walking up the steep dam, the cameras on a angle of course, and I raise you weaponised 5g towers