Magnets and metal sticking to unvaccinated people. Me

Me in all my chubby disgustingness. Holding a hammer with my fricking chest.

I’ve never published a YouTube video before. Dont know if it will be up for long.

I’m going to publish a backup video in bitchute. I realize I’m top heavy/chesticulous, so I’ve included a few screenshots of me holding up other metal items to show what they are, and then sticking them to my collarbone. My son in law was quite convinced that I was holding the hammer with my boobs earlier. That’s why I turned the hammer and fork sideways. No trickery. Just madness.

The last items are fridge magnets and bottlecaps.


wouldnt that also interfere with people like this and their “smartphone devices” or similar digital device and stuff. when you basivly can stick a fricken hammer to your skin even . crazy stuff. like i said it was a well talked about thing in the for instance UK targeted Individual Electronicly Harrassed Community. well befor the days of 5g

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The smiling is because I went through varying stages of crazy while discovering this.



i guess people will now say your having this because of vaccine shedding. i remeber in schooldays we rubbed clothings on our skin to make bodyhair standing up and even got crackling noises from this on our skin.

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Thats pretty insane Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

Will this stuff stay there if you are leaning forward? For the skeptics.


Call me crazy but those tabs from soda/beer cans are aluminum and last time I checked, aluminum is NOT magnetic, it just isn’t and never will be. Neither are 95% of all keys (brass) and no U.S. minted coins (copper and nickel) are magnetic.

Also, people are saying/showing metal objects sticking to them and also magnets sticking to them…which is it, are you magnetized or is there metal in you that magnets are sticking too? Maybe add a little electricity/5G and you’ll become a motor?

I don’t believe any of this to be true. Even if these people had some magnetic properties, we’re talking about nano particles, would they really have enough magnetic force for hammers :hammer: to be sticking to them?

When are these people gonna sucked in and sticking to parked cars when walking down the street, even better moving cars? Can’t wait to see that. And why are they all smiling and laughing in their videos and pictures? Would you be smiling or scared to death that you’re magnetic?

Why doesn’t someone just get a bottle of the poison vax and see if a magnet or metal or both stick to it? That’s a very simple experiment that would end this nonsense.

Please debunk anything I’ve posted.


It’s the angle’s folks. C’mon MAAANNN!

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Just tried it and NOTHING.

You sure it’s not just sticky sweat?


Static electricity. Static electricity can be built up in different ways. For example, by pulling a wool sweater over your head, by dragging your feet over a carpet. Air can also build up static electricity. For example, on the body of a car. The crackling sound are discharges.
A kind of mini lightning. Sometimes the accumulated cargo can be dangerous. The tension gets so high that it could kill a human. It is therefore wise not to do stupid things with this kind of electricity.

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You should not put yourself down. There is nothing wrong with you. Good post


The same is/was happening to me which I posted about before. The effect has worn off somewhat however as there’s no longer any pull towards my upper chest, only my shoulder blades.

I have a friend who can not wear a watch because he builds up static charges. And it literally kills the watch. He use to also be able to give others a static shock by touching them.


You just wanna see those pillows dangle!

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I never!

Static electricity is more prevalent in winter months when it’s very dry, in the humid summer months is practically non existent. I don’t see how static electricity has anything to do with this anyways.

Maybe a zap will activate the magnets and metals in their bodies and turn their legs into electric motors and they will be able to run faster than the Roadrunner :rofl:

Hi Dawn,
Um… the pull tabs sticking to you are aluminum (not exactly magnetic)
So I am not buying it. Just sayin

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Nice post Dawn! Thanks for sharing… what would a metal detector do?

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what we as kids played out mostly .but not with a hammer

That’s what happened to their bottle caps, coins and all. Just about anything sticks to almost any surface with static electricity,