Make PlayStation friends

Hi there, it’s difficult to find friends who have the same interests like what’s on DTV so I thought I would start a topic sharing our PSN friends ID or Xbox ID.

Mine is;

PSN: Event75HorizonUK

Please feel free to add me or anyone else on the tread and maybe we can have party chats on conspiricy theories and maybe we can all learn something new :blush:


hiya i the next few days im recieving a ps5 (weehoo!!!), weecharlie1 thats my PSN. maybe see you there, have to remind you that im 60yrs of age but love gaming still (dont make you a bad person though) i like the shooters … Battlfield`s, COD, Sniper etc; … :beers:
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I’m PC so steam account.

45 myself fella, I’ll add you later. My friend has a 83year old on his elder scrolls clan.
Ps5 is awesome fella, enjoy got mine day1 :blush:

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Your privacy settings don’t allow me to add you, so you’ll have to add me fella
Psn: Event75HorizonUK

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ill try to when i get her online … :beers:

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I like how you call your playsation a her :joy::blush:

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