Man takes stand against Michigan sheriff after family dispute

This situation started yesterday and is now into almost a 30 hour standoff with police. Poor dude just wants to be left alone, but the police wouldnt let him, and they will likely take his life over it. Godspeed brother, give them no ground.

Remember Omar, he stands where many wouldnt against tyrants.

Sounds like maybe dude should get a damn job and move out of his parents house…

I don’t know that he doesn’t have a job or under what circumstances he is living with his parents.

Not trying to be cold, but holing up in your house over a fight with parents seems both petty, and these days, dangerous. With that many police involved, he’s bound to get injured or killed. Never give them a reason!

Calling the police on your child to claim a red flag law after you assaulted them is also petty.

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I don’t disagree. Sounds like the home environment is pretty toxic, another reason to not be there.

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Yeah I don’t know enough about how it got to that point but you have to think this isn’t his first rodeo with them and so you’d think living with them would be a nonstarter.

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