Mandela FX

Which is more likely…

Parallel Realities

Time Travel events distorting current time

or Implanted memory events

and then always the question of

How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?..


I’m a believer of the Mandela effect. Although I knew Nelson Mandela was alive until 2013, there have been other alterations within our dimension. I feel that CERN is behind some of this with their parctical collider base. Just to give you heads up on this, CERN celebrates dark matter day on October 31st every year involving some very rich high up powerful people. Dont feel alarmed if you get a bit giddy or have dèjá vu on this day. You’ll know what it is but you wont know why it is.


i believe there are two earth and we are swapping between earths , like a mirror image , the only proof i have is my daughter had a scar on her left hand now the same scar is on her right hand and nothing on the left , does this mean ive swapped over and shes not my real daughter even though she knows who i am , or have i jumped over and im not in the right place either way we are stunned which one of us is on the right earth or the wrong earth.

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And you have evidence of this or is this something that just popped in your head?

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I have read that a rumor started the first time that Mandela had died and newspapers jumped all over it and wanted to make Mandela killed by racist government story but then it was found out he was not dead and there we have a Mandela effect


what about the movie Shazaam…? do you remember that movie…
Well, apparently it never existed…

Here’s another one you’d love Danny…
The famous line of Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker…
“Luke, I am your father”.
is that how you recall it?..
well google it or watch that part again… you’ll be surprised…

This would imply that right handed poeple should become left handed , brain hemispheres switching etc .
I’v not had enough coffee to consider mirrors

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Sinbad has been explained millions of time, hundreds on DTV. People never seem to accept that because they want to cling to time travel. If time travel were possible no one would stay in 2020 in the first place

AS for the Star Wars line that is even easier. People misquote movie lines all the time. Each time someone quotes it wrong they feel sure they got it right. Over time that became a misquoted line and sci fi theorists call it fact

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Its wierd why cern have got a statue of sheeva, god of distruction, as a type of mascot, thats freaky


Not the most famous line… surely… :astonished:

I named one of my dogs after nelson mandella, he loves talking, and is a good listener, he just lovely.:blush:

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I’m not too sure about the Mandela effect being real however, the only one that does resonate with me is the one with Dolly in the movie, James Bond Moonraker, not wearing any braces on her teeth, when she first meets Jaws. I’d put everything I owned on a bet to say when I watched it as a kid, she did have braces on, but when I re-watched in my 40s she doesn’t have any!! It made sense to me when I was young why they had an instant connection, they both wore braces, but now it doesn’t make any sense why they’d go off together…its very interesting non the less


Im not sure how legit this is but check this out…


There was never a different line. I’ve always known it as it’s in the movie now.

Holly Fuck!! Your right!!! Ive just checked this Molly out from Bonds 1979 Moonraker. I distinctly remember her having braces in the movie. She smiled at Jaws revealing her braces, having metallic smiles gave them something in common and that’s how they fell in love and teamed up together. I bet my life on it. I remeber it so clearly asci laughed the first time she smiled.

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Iya @Star_Man, i saw that last year on youtube, i heard it was a type of play, but it looks real to me, its odd.

Yeah, honestly mate its the only “Mandela Effect” thing I can relate to…Like you say, I remember it clearly as well. When I first heard about this whole thing I scoffed at it, but it defo made me think about it again, on this particular case. Still a great movie :slight_smile:

1980 -
now -

Same line both videos. No. I am your father.

Yes, it’s the “Dolly had braces” from Moonraker that I think is my favorite Mandela Effect. I also remember - quite clearly - that she had braces when I saw it in the theater on its initial release. I remember thinking “she would actually be good looking without the braces and glasses”…
However, as a collector of James Bond related movie photos, I have never seen a photograph of Dolly with braces, though I read online where there are original text scripts from the movie studio where the character is described as having braces. The actress who played Dolly insists that she never had braces, so maybe she is also from the parallel universe? It seems like visual images (still photos or video) relating to Mandela Effects change, but textual proof can remain unchanged and give us clues to what was there originally.

To my dying day I will insist that Dolly used to have braces. And the storyline involving her character seems to be made just for that concept.