Mans ability to f_ck with nature

It’s now becoming quite apparent the technology exists that allows science to alter life itself.
Any life.
The question is not only: Should we do this?
But: Why should we do this?
In my opinion there is zero benefit to humanity; nothing good can come of this:

Also keep in mind, last April, 2020, an experiment of genetically altered mosquitoes was approved by local ‘authorities’ to release 750 million of these altered flying syringes down in the Florida keys area. In May of this year the test began:
My twisted imagination can’t but help see a correlation between this experiment and what is going on with these mRNA jabs (sterilization).
And guess who is behind this:

Governor Desantis… where are you? :thinking:


Here in Canada this year the mosquitos are a plenty. More so than usual. Their bites are beyond annoying. My wife is normally the only scratcher and it doesn’t bother me. This year for the first time… the bites almost hurt. They leave a huge bite mark and they’re itchy as heck.

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