Mask insanity part 2

The videographer, by her own admission, suffers from BPD, or, borderline personality disorder.
Of all countries, the USA is the most medicated. Out of roughly 332 mililion people, 70% are prescription medicated - that’s around 232 million. Of those 232 million, 78 million are on some form of psychiatric drug.
I’ll let you do the math, but it would seem a few scary people out there…:flushed:


Borderline Media Induced Psychosis is what these people have. I’ve been a non-masker since the start of this, but here over the last two or three months, I just put the damned thing on in the store. More so for some busybody’s protection than my own. I don’t handle in your face confrontation very well…


Same. Required for work as well. Ugh

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I am blessed to work for a smaller, family business, and my boss allows us to make our own decisions on masking. We have one employee who wears a mask because he only has one working lung.

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This muzzle should confuse the pro muzzle sheeple enough for them not to know how to deal with you and just stare with a vacuous look on their face.



Nice. Been thinking about a message mask of some sort. Something like The Media Lies to You, or Baaaaah

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Yes that is a blessing indeed. Unfortunately we all know the stance of the big corporations and government offices.

this one is straight to the point but unfortunately will trigger most sheeples fight or flight mechanism potentially resulting in a biblical standoff with the infamous red faced menopausal Karen.



wth is going on here? Just looks like some dumb cow losing her marbles for no reason… ?

Exactly. I know its not right but I would let her rant until she was out of breath and when she finally spun down I would look at her calmly and say MOO!. Then when she got through tantrum number 2 just say MOO MOO!. Sooner or later she would spin out

She reminds me of moocow in her speech. He says he does not care and how does she respond? She says I have never touched drugs in my life> WTH where did that come from?
She needs a nice white room with mattresses on the wall and someone one to watch her swallow her pills everyday.

We need to be able to go back to just beating people…we had much better quality control that way.

Talk about trying to make a problem.

What a retarded woman.

That is glorious. I need one.

Maybe make masks like the types of diapers that show when they’re wet?
You know, once your mask is saturated with bacteria loaded moisture that could lead to pneumonia…

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