Mask insanity

Let’s guess who the unhealthy one is.
Physically and mentally…

Plenty of evidence by now that shows masks do not filter what we are told to fear, thus not that efficient:


Masks remind me of farm animals wearing feed bags these days.


poor little girl.


Yeah, that fat, frightened, loud-mouthed c^nt shouldn’t be talking like that in front of a child. This is what your media sources do to people’s heads.


Agreed, that stupid brain dead mask wearing fat c_nt, she probably wears that mask when she’s inside her home too …


La signora che sbraita è già morta, o lo sarà a breve con il vaccino che chiederà di farsi somministrare.

Interesting prediction. Starts around 18 min in. Basically with the CDC admitting to high false postives in the PCR, they can change the threshold and suddenly make it look like the vaccines worked and there is no more case-demic.


So the words “election infection” may be right after all.

I know it might be a stretch, but I do feel like much of the world’s response to Covid, from the actions of China, to the WHO, to the European Union, to Blue States, was all about our election. Destroy the economy, destroy Trump’s reelection. Far-fetched maybe, but that is what happened.


One thing for sure TD. No one can prove your idea wrong.


Not far fetched at all. Perfect logic. The USA is the last hitch in the nwo’s giddy-up.
Once America falls, the remaining world will implode, collapse, whatever you want to call it.
They will give up hope…


This morning a friend of mine from childhood, his father in law got covid 2 weeks ago, today he dropped dead in the bathroom. They did an autopsy and where he was as the paramedics do it where they lay and found it was covid that killed him.

He was a healthy 84 years old.

That fat slob will give itself a heart attack.

The paramedics did an autopsy on him?

There and then in his bathroom, they don’t take you to hospital any more, the coroner came to his house.


You are fking kidding me right? A coroner came to his house, cut him open on the floor, removed his lungs, and examined them?

Sorry mate, I can’t have that.

She should be worried. Obviously she doesn’t take care of herself in the first place.

I know I am as stunned as you, they told them they no longer take em to hospital, they do it where they lay.

The police waited 3 hours for the coroner. He came and did an autopsy in his bathroom.

This is old, but it gives one an idea of how blown out of proportion this has gotten to be.

Now take into consideration that regardless of how these tests are conducted to determine cv19, they will still consider false positives positive…