'Mass murder': Muslim family targeted, killed in attack motivated by hate, Canadian police say

‘Mass murder’: Muslim family targeted, killed in attack motivated by hate, Canadian police sa

Another right winger at it again.


Could be, but nothing in that article demonstrated it with any evidence. Like most leftists, you seem rather incapable of discerning the emotive wordplay and propaganda your sources fill your head with. That sort of victim idolization would have never passed as journalism a couple decades ago. They have you gripped by the balls in hate and you don’t know any real details yet. You’re just mad because you presume to know this man’s motives and beliefs, because in reality you are also hateful, and a bigot. I’m curious, there’s been dozens of car ramming attacks committed by Muslims in the last few years, how many of those upset you enough to race to post about it? Do you know why these events stick out like a sore thumb? Because of their rarity. Any time you wanna go video for video or news story for news story on racially, politically, or religiously inspired violence in today’s world, you let me know.


Wait until you figure out the suspect is a jew…cuck muppet


@Onslaught9966 The truth is, you have no idea who this guy is at this point. Yet in an attempt to insure all your nicknames have meaning and are based on evidence, you shoot off at the mouth without knowing the truth. Furthering a biased agenda is more important to you. You do this frequently and are made to eat your words just as much.


Why do you have to group every jew into one catagory? You sound leftist. Thats like saying all americans believe in what biden is doing. Whoever does anything in the name of God has to pay for it. It is called blasphemy and taking God’s name in vein
Those people that do bad stuff are not Jewish. It is simple.

"motivated by hate’
Yeah cos people shoot other people cos they luv them all the time.

So why was the perp called right wing?

"but he declined to describe what evidence indicated the crime was motivated by hate.

“hate” crime and nothing more…

All murder is hate crime except accidental murder.


At the risk of agreeing with your premise/angle that all Jews are grouped together. First of all they group themselves together when it’s advantageous and then cry when it is not.

Without going into a lengthy explanation it really boils down to the conspiracy of silence. Then you have the insane atrocious anti human beliefs that religion preaches. Also let’s not forget the premeditated psychological criminality and psychopathy that is central to their actions, thoughts and teachings.


Canada is a communist muslim state, of course it was a hate crime anything done to a nonwhite is a hate crime lol. For all we know it was an accident you’ll never know the truth…


Kind of like all white people are racist.

Article says…

“…killed in attack motivated by hate”

Also says…

“but he declined to describe what evidence indicated the crime was motivated by hate.“

In other words, “believe what we tell you to believe.”


oy vey he never said ‘all jews murder goy’ :joy:

Funny that you mention that. I was going to separate thread this but I’ll just park it right here…

For some the fact that our overwhelmingly Jewish controlled psychological establishment is pushing this utter hateful nonsense is not shocking in the least. Jews have an undeniable history of targeting all races, infiltrating all homogenous communities and destroying them through premeditated clandestine and slow tactics. Above we have a text book example of projecting onto other exactly what you yourselves are guilty of. Before the left embraced this ugly tactic it was mastered by the Jews, in fact take a wild guess where the left and the deep state got all of their ugly tactics? There is nothing new under the Sun and the Sun sees all!

We need only listen to their own words and read their own texts. Frankly when I was an idealistic lefty college student I used to be of the same mind set for a long time, I know where their delusions are coming from, they are not entirely unfounded, however they are grossly overblown and dangerously promoted. We see the result in our faces every day at this point. The fact that they are able to get away with it in the 21st century and in America of all places is beyond belief and is testament to their work over the past half century culminating in the woeful level of education and mental development of society. We not only have the results of their criminal social engineering endeavors but also their prestated goals to do precisely that! How any educated person can deny this is beyond me.

So does the “notion” of Jewish community wide silence about the conspiratorial nature of their parasitical tactics for gaining and holding on to control equate to the “notion” that all white are racists?

Interesting question - short answer - close but no cigar, to a great extent the later is a result of the former. Furthermore if we delve into what racism is we will find that it is indeed a natural defense mechanism, an undesirable and ugly one yes (also one easily avoided provided proper social structure and mutual respect). One that all communities experience, in fact Jews worse than all others. I dare put forth the notion that Jews have for a long time provoked and played upon this ugly aspect human nature. We can delve into that if anyone wants to…

So is lumping Jews all in one category fair? No it is not, however I believe it is understandable given their silence. Silence = complicity, and that goes for everyone! And in a society of liars built on lies it doesn’t leave one with much hope does it? Until that changes I don’t see this trend changing. Moreover it is a trend that feeds into their weaponized victimhood status, they play on and spin to their advantage which only further reinforces it.

The Jewish question is humanity’s litmus test, a test of intelligence worked into humanity’s very existence and history. “Chosen people” indeed! Chosen by whom and for what purpose? Do we have what it takes to deal with it (a parasitical psychological criminality) in a proper fashion? As in we have to be at a certain level of development mentally and spiritually to be able to tackle this. The spiritual aspect is key, because doing what the Nazis did is the trap, one we are being prodded like a heard of goyim into again.

Really what it will come down to is that yes we can coexist together and prosper. However criminality especially psychological criminality has to be punished and people held accountable. We are a profoundly corrupt society and Jews are at the very center of that rot (and thats putting it lightly). That in my opinion is an undeniable fact.


#1 Question is was he White?

Yes = hate crime and terrorist

all the info the left needs to know these days…


The guy ran over a 9 and 15 year old their parents and grandmother who gives a shit what his motivations were, what color or religion they/he are. Hate crime or not the piece of shit should spend the rest of his life rotting in a cell



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Onslaught just got slammed dunked on his post. Guess it didn’t work out too well for him.

he’s gonna be mad…lol

Oh well, hope he feels better about his life now. :slight_smile:


Impossible when you have a cold black heart full of hateful racism


Some people just shouldn’t mix. These people think other people and countries are going to change to appease them. Wrong. Should have stayed where u came from if ur not willing to accept their culture also. That chits a 2 way street.

So where in the article does it state he’s a right winger, what right wing group does he belong to?
All I see here is a very confused racist OP looking for attention.
What a toxic individual you are.