'Mass murder': Muslim family targeted, killed in attack motivated by hate, Canadian police say

Well said, I doubt the truth will ever be known.

Manufactured consent is the game , be very wary of the MSM because it is the powers that be who are motivated by hate , they are the rats that need to be caged at the very least .

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As in Mein Kampf?

Get the fuck outa here with that passive aggressive bullshit. That amounts to a threat and an act of intimidation. I don’t appreciate being compared to Hitler.

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Sorry about that , all i meant was my very own struggle trying to explain what you had said ,to my own freinds and family .

100% Agreed! … And btw… Thats society being NICE!

… We’ll waive the daily torture that should be inflicted as Par for the Course for that indescretion!

Count yourself Lucky, Little Man!

News today is that the man is 20 years old, named Nathaniel Veltman. Described as a “devout Christian.” Anyone who knew him says they never could have imagined he would do this. But the people around when he was arrested say that he was laughing about it, and told a cab driver to call the cops because he though he killed someone. Most of the news stories I’ve read quote a Muslim friend of his saying that he was a kind person. Well, whatever made him do this, his life is ruined now and he deserves to be locked away.

Moradpourian added that Veltman didn’t have a problem with him being Persian and raised Muslim.

“He never judged me,” he told the Associated Press. “He would give his shirt off his back for you.”

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surely though not every person of jewish descent backs the zionist agenda, I have chatted with a few who openly say its a problem and bibi et al are not that well liked over there…

This is true

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MK ultra prints all over this one.

Did you read the bit about it being a brand new truck, and he had problems with its steering a few days earlier? :thinking:

what’s your thoughts on this bro?

I know you have a bit of experience with this kind of thing

Now this is a preliminary look see, I would like to know more about the kid.

First of all condolences to the family, they looked like very nice people.

But from a preliminary glance… more info will come out.

Hyde and London eh?
The suspect was from London (ON), the incident took place at Hyde (street). That feeling of dejavu is washing over me, gee I wonder why?

Things I find interesting… the age of the victims. The numbers are always interesting in these events. Happened in Ontario, another stronghold of the progressive globalists. Police state central.

The kid is a quite kid with no connections to “hate” groups, a jogger. Yet there are also reports of links to hate groups and the family statement on the matter also makes mention of this. Hmmm maybe they know things that have not been made public yet? Driving down the street when all of the sudden happens upon a nice family, decides to run them over. Ummm. Apparently he had a bullet proof vest on, so was he expecting to get shot?

They can remote control cars especially new ones, can they remote control people? In my experience they can severely influence, confuse and provoke. Oh wait he had trouble with his steering on a brand new truck. Three days prior? Test run? How many 20 year old kids with a brand new truck have you met willing to damage that truck or jepordise their life or anyone else’s for that matter? Kids with new trucks don’t run people over, or at least not often.

He was laughing when he pulled up to the taxi driver and told him to call the cops - hysterical reaction to next level shit? If they hit him with mind control and then remote controlled his car into those people? Well let’s see what else comes out…

Do you know how utterly fucked mentally you have to be to mow a family down? This kid doesn’t look like a looney tune me, yet here he was laughing like Daffy after the tragedy.

I know we have to get to the bottom of what our government is doing behind closed doors cause it’s next level horror show! The media response could not be more suspicious.

I did. An outside influence making people snap? Could be. That navy yard shooter from almost a decade ago said someone was tormenting him with hypersonic weapons like voice to skull or some such. This guy’s reported reaction during arrest makes me exclude an accident though.

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yes this was also one of things that seems really odd, how the guy was laughing before his arrest about killing people. voice to skull (V2K?) is microwaves, is there 5G in this place?

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Interesting thought. Just checked and whatya know:

Not sure when the actual startup is or if the infrastructure is in place…


London Ontario take a look at it on maps. What do you see? What’s next to it? St.Thomas. Epstein Island is located in St. Thomas USVI.

These people like to play games with names symbols etc. They saturate their events with this sadistic tongue-n- cheek shit. Mind games. The public ignores the symbolism calling it looney tunes. They suffer no guilt. Informed consent.

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It’s because stupid people on this site like to divide people into groups like their MSM bffs

I’ll chime in…

MK Ultra, idk if it’s seriously a REAL DEAL thing.

Secret technology able to beam on anyone and make them snap at any given time?

hmmm…idk. Not doubting that it exists or saying it does, but seems if they had technology like that,taking over the world would’ve been much easier…just my thoughts off the top of my head.

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Problem on this site and with people in general IN THE WORLD, is people dictating guidelines (like their kings) and trying to lay out the road of life that they want you to live on and go by.

It’s everywhere. Not just this site…EVERYWHERE.

Like human being sociopathy blowing up in your face daily. Some can’t live being happy unless they feel they’re in some “KING SHIT” position or “in control”.

As for dividing people, you’re always gonna have people who DON’T NEED OTHERS TELLING THEM how to FEEL and THINK. It’s almost like they’re sooooo upset at individualism or because someone has a heart and mind of their own, a life to live for themselves.

They got to insert themselves in EVERYTHING.
Always trying to making it about “them”.


Sorry, I want to remain divided from pig people like that and their pig agendas.

Giving in to it only continues down the same pig road and MORE for THEM, LESS for YOU.

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