Master List of Prepper DIY Projects

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On The Old Digs…

Stumbled Across Again

Worthy Still…



Good info to keep handy Thanks!

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Much Obligied




I’m pretty sure I still have a downloaded copy somewhere. Did it again anyway to at least double the chances of me finding it again.

It’s pretty extensive.

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Great list, thanks Mrs. B! Now if I could stop being so damn lazy…

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Why I Re Posted


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Much Obligied

This looks like it’ll come in pretty handy soon B…nice one :+1: :beers:

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Lots Useful

Stuff In Dat…


Tag Yer It🤣

Cheers for the tag…this stuff is so cool, always enjoy watching or reading how people come up with cluey ideas for things, most excellent post :+1: :beers:

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I Thought I Had Already


My Bad


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lol no harm done I’m good I’m good :rofl: :beers:

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