Matching 455 Fall of Rome with 2021 Washington DC


Can we match the visuals of Vandals (German tribe under king Geiserik) sacking Rome in 455 AD and the storming of the Capitol in 2021 AD?

No, many would say, 5th century matching with 21st century is doomed to fail. What if I told you there are similarities, coincidences, however you want to call them between the fall of Rome and our current news feed?

We all know to whom is symbology very important, so please compare for yourself… notice similarities, I would even call it media staging…


…staging and communicating a message that USA is done as world power, “Fall of Rome”, and will probably be replaced by the Global Communist Cabal NWO modelled on China’s state.

Add to it the statement of Capitol police chief Steven Sund that Senate refused his request for National Guard on stand-by and this staging scenario is getting substance.

This below video “Endgame of the New World Order” is 8 years old but it accurately describes our reality today … it’s all Staged.

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Wash, rinse, spin, dry, repeat.
Ecclesiastes 3:15 :pray:



FN Brilliant!

Thanks …

Prophecy Is Being Fullfilled

And The Zombified Sheep
Don’t Even Bleat…

Just Keep Dining
At The Trough of Strong


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Yes, kind of Past Back to Future movie becoming real.

@brendace Welcome Sister! As you say it everything is a lie in the world of lies, we are left with the crumbs of truth but baking we can lol

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What Is Was and Shall Ever Be

There is No Thing New Under The Son…

Bread and Circuses
Let Them Eat Cake


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Ecclesiastes says “what is now has already been and what has been will be again, there is no new thing under the sun” Its true