Matt Hancock refusing NHS care to the unvaxxed

So this is where its going, we all knew it would but now this is how they’re wording it. If I am not going to get the care I pay for through all the taxes taken from me then I will stop paying them to pay for private health care…

Makes my blood boil that they just stand there and talk about us like we are lower than a rattlesnakes belly. I’m getting sick of it


We should have a discount on national insurance contributions then.

Should people who smoke be refused treatment for lung cancer?

Should people who drink a lot of alcohol be refused treatment for liver issues?

Should people who eat a lot of fast food be refused treatment for issues surrounding obesity?


I’d bring back hanging just for that khunt, alone.


Exactly it’s just pushing the agenda to get the vax makes me sick


Don’t forget the drawn and quartering mate


Does that mean they won’t removed the stuck saucepans off of kids heads if they aren’t vaxxed.


Make a class action based on the Nuremberg document.


This quote is all you need to know…All Politicians are hopeless. They lied and totally sold-out their people, stole away their freedoms and turned them in to a slave class for China. Who didn’t see this coming a year and a half ago? No but your just a conspiracy theorist what do you know. They perpetuated a genocide on vulnerable elderly, cut public funding of hospitals and schools forcing privatization of care facilities. Then burnt the bodies, to cover up their crimes against humanity. Governments failed doctors failed, institutions all for the all mighty dollar. Mean while they militarized police forces and the fascists called any one who protested white nationalist anti vaxxers, anti maskers. The brainwashing campaign was pure propaganda to protect their power structures that a baseless and meaningless. Oh and the fact the vaccine doesn’t protect against anything and put people at risk isn’t the issue. They spent the last year gutting and ripping away any social experience through a shitty experiment that solidified the discontent of the people. Absolutely ashamed of all these idiots, all for a dollar and as they robbed the coffers we sat back and didn’t do anything. Good for you having to explain why your life shit to your kids, don’t value life you don’t value life you just value money. Crooked people smile and tell you it’s going to be ok while you are disillusioned with what life has become. They sold us out they robbed us, imprisoned us and then while they eat and get fat they laugh at us and how we believed them. What a crock of shit


If this does happen. Lawyers are gonna make so much money with the claims. I’m not vaxxed so if I’m gonna be refused treatment or the like can I please have my 40 years worth of NI payments back, and stop taking ing out my wage please


Bravo I couldn’t have summed that up better, I just hope more people wake up to this crock of shite before it’s to late, if mandatory vaccination for care workers goes ahead then that will be snowball to mandate everyone, anyone without the vax will become 2nd class citizens and treated like vermin

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their goal is to make the vaccine mandatory for everyone…this is the path that has been planned…


I agree to what you say. It’s only a matter of time.

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I’ve been expecting this from the start of the vaccine push.

It’s only gunna get worse when they make non-vaxed 2nd class or worse citizens.

Definitely more to come it’s obvious.

Good post :ok_hand:


Matt Hancock has now officially gone on the hit list, along with Tony Blair, Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan, so when I’ve nothing left to lose I’ll do every man and his dog a favour.


Told my wife this a year ago she called me crazy, told her digital passports she called me crazy again… now she’s waking up she’s refused her vax and we aren’t allowing our kids to be vaxxed either. Thank god I got through to her in time.


I also enjoy how its the unvaxxed causing the problem and not the swathes of people on beaches when the sun shines or the multitudes decending on cities due to Football Tournaments … or even all the Maroons that cannot stop themselves travelling abroad for a holiday.

Plus border control being an absolute joke. Nope its those not taking the Vax – has to be!


I have no doubt now that the 4th lockdown will come and the unvaxxed will be at the forefront of the blame for it


Yep mine too lol. She kept telling me to stop going on about it cos it’s all ok.
Now she’s worse than me whenever something comes on telly covid related she rambles on like I do about the obvious bullshit narrative. I’ve created a monster and I’m proud :joy:


Yup … its this ever changing virus.

This has nothing to do with the summer or pollen counts.

Allergies arent a thing anymore like the cold & flu – its all Covid!

Thats one helluva dynamic, constantly evolving natural virus :joy: