Maybe I should wear a mask outside today?

X marks the spot…


does it normally get like that around there?

I took some pics this morning myself.

Dang GA Getting Hit

Jo Anne

And Me…

My Camera Ain’t Working
But Trails Have
Drifted Into
Overcast Haze

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Trying to upload the 4 hrs later pic but right after the first set my signal dropped to damn near nada

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This is 4 hrs later

They’re hammering us big time!

That is not that far in air miles from Atlanta International and that is the busiest airport in the U.S I believe.


Looks Bot Same Here

I’m 10-15 minutes from hartsfield depending on the weight of your foot lol


Oh wow I know that area well… I dated a girl from Society Hill and no she did not work in the double wide trailers :rofl: :rofl:a

Sorry she was from Hartsville. I re-read that

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Not usually

Hmmmm, strange

yeah, i would try to limit my outside time for the day.
it is hard to know what they could be delivering there.

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You too? Where are you?

Nah, I don’t believe that is Atlanta air traffic

I have no idea if it is or not. But here is the way I live. They will not bind me in my house or walk around with a kotex on my face outside. I am going to live free until I die. I have been outside a lot today on a tractor and will be going back in a few. Do not live your life in fear. They might be dropping Ebola virus droplets on me for all I know but I will not worry about it. If it kills me oh well I lived good while I was here.

They want us to live in fear. Scared people are timid people. They will give up or do anything just to alleviate the fear. Do you know in combat situations its often the fear of what is going to happen that kills people as much as what actually happens. When you live in fear your body gets sick… It confuses the brain chemicals on what to do and it totally suppresses and confuses mental and physical processes.

I am not being critical I just hate to see people not enjoying the life we have here. One thing to remember about this contrail stuff is this. We all breathe the same air. Those evil elites breath the same atmosphere we do. I am also a firm believer that we will not die until our time is up. If I get a cancer from contrails well it was my time and that was how I was supposed to go. just like the Covid virus.

Peace nice person and I wish you a great holiday.