Medical certainty that Pfizer jab can kill

Like the mask, this inoculation is not about health.


It will be genocide…
Dr Vernon Coleman was the first writer to:

  1. Warn about the dangers of benzodiazepine tranquillisers
  2. Warn that passive smoking causes cancer
  3. Warn that mobile phones (and masts) may cause cancer
  4. Warn that tap water contains harmful drug residues
  5. Point out that genetic engineering (in all its forms) can be a threat to human health
  6. Claim that high blood pressure can be controlled without drugs
  7. Warn about the risk of mad cow disease
  8. Warn that deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious threat to air travellers
  9. Warn of the return of tuberculosis
  10. Explain why medical screening programmes are of more benefit to doctors than to patients
  11. Warn that the threat of AIDS was wildly exaggerated for commercial reasons
  12. Warn that the overuse of antibiotics was creating drug resistant infections
  13. Warn that doctors were over-diagnosing asthma
  14. Draw attention to the value of generic drugs (as opposed to branded drugs)
  15. Warn that ADHD was being over-diagnosed and treated with dangerous drugs
  16. Point out that the incidence of diabetes is rising out of control
  17. Warn that prostate screening does more harm than good
  18. Warn that breast screening is of doubtful value
  19. Warn of the dangers of over exercising
  20. Warn of the damage that jogging can do to the spine and joints
  21. Warn that vaccines are neither as safe nor as effective as the establishment claims
  22. Explain that stress causes or exacerbates 90% of all illnesses
  23. Explain the facts about irritable bowel syndrome
  24. Explain why removing breasts from healthy women is unnecessary
  25. Warn that chemotherapy often does more harm than good
  26. Draw attention to the self-healing powers of the human body
  27. Warn that the drug tamoxifen (used to prevent cancer) can cause cancer
  28. Warn of the dangers of hormone replacement therapy
  29. Expose the link between a high fat diet and breast cancer
  30. Warn that depression was being over-diagnosed and over treated
  31. Point out the importance of the immune system in defending against cancer
  32. Provide evidence showing that meat causes more cancer than tobacco
  33. Explain how antiperspirants may be a health hazard
  34. Warn of the danger of using microwave ovens
  35. Draw attention to the danger of radiotherapy
  36. Warn that doctors are now as big a cause of death as cancer or heart disease
  37. Draw attention to the ability of the mind to heal the body
  38. Explain how and why air conditioning systems can be dangerous
  39. Warn of the hazard of superbugs
  40. Warn that tests and investigations are often unnecessary and dangerous
  41. Point out that one in six hospital patients is there because he or she has been made ill by doctors
  42. Explain why women will not live longer than men in the 21st century
  43. Warn of the dangers of paraquat (and associated products such as Roundup)
  44. Point out that increased longevity is a myth and a result of reduced infant mortality
  45. Why and how too many X-rays are done – and cause cancer
  46. Draw attention to the value of TENS machines in the treatment of pain
  47. Warn of the increase in the size of our ageing population
  48. Warn that obesity leads to an increased cancer risk
  49. Explain how experiments on animals mislead researchers
  50. Explain that many patients with dementia can be cured (because they have NPH and not Alzheimer’s disease)

I can`t read Norwegian but it says…
"Norway reports 23 post-vaccine deaths (out of only 25,000 shots). After examining 13, it says “side effects from the mRNA vaccines… may have led to deaths.”

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following exposure to drugs containing polyethylene glycol (PEG)


Antifreeze… :face_vomiting:

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not only to human health but a threat to our whole species.

Amen Brother…

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