Melting Ice Reveals Undeniable 60ft Wide Disc Stuck in the Ground of Antarctica

Yes I know, sounds unbelievable right? Right. So what do we have here?


Excellent find… Difficult to explain this out in the middle of nowhere… Someone may say it’s just some kind of photographic glitch… As there are always people who are eager to explain away this kind of evidence… I tend to believe its real, whatever it is…

It is very discourteous for strangers to just leave their vehicles parked just anywhere… Where is the Meter Maid to pass out tickets for parking violations?.. If left unchecked, someones vehicle is in danger of being towed away… :smiley:

Yes, saw this a few days ago,
They parked far enough away, the meter maid dont wanna walk that far! Lol

But crazy shite all the same :alien:

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I wish I could see it, but it won’t open…


I had that problem with some videos offered here on DTV… Sometimes, using a different browser on this site solves the issues for me…

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I hope you dont me adding a followup :+1:t2:

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I think this is wishfull thinking. It is a lake that happens to be circular in shape.

Cincerely Hans


With no tributaries flowing from it?

If its a new lake that formed from melting ice,
It most certainly would show fresh tributaries flowing from it,

Thats just me lol

But, on the other flip side of the coin

I would highly interested to see new pics from the exact area in 2 weeks time and see if that is indeed the case, or if it disappears/changes etc.

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