Michael Flynn Calls on Trump to Declare Martial Law

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Since 1963?

Past 30 years as far as I’m concerned, at least the planning and prep for sure. its was hot-ish in the mid 90s, hot since 911, hotter since 2010, really hot since 2014, spicy in 2015, and caliente since 2016.

If Trump brings forth martial law than he is working for the elites 100%.

The fact he is pushing and claiming the vaccine is due to him, is already highly suspicious.

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Jul 31, 2019

GRAHAM: Is there a body of law that’s called the basic criminal law?

KAVANAUGH: Yes, Senator.

GRAHAM: Are there differences between those two bodies of law?

KAVANAUGH: Yes, Senator.

GRAHAM: From an American citizen’s point of view, do your constitutional rights follow you? If you’re in Paris, does the Fourth Amendment protect you as an American from your own government?

KAVANAUGH: From your own government, yes.

GRAHAM: OK. So if you’re in Afghanistan, do your constitutional rights protect you against your own government?

KAVANAUGH: If you’re an American if Afghanistan, you have constitutional rights against the U.S. government.

GRAHAM: Is there a long-standing…

KAVANAUGH: That’s – that’s long-settled law.

GRAHAM: Isn’t there also a long-settled law that – it goes back to Eisentrager case, I can’t remember the name of it.

KAVANAUGH: Yes, Johnson vs. Eisentrager.

GRAHAM: Right – that American citizens who collaborate with the enemy have considered enemy combatants?

KAVANAUGH: They can be.

GRAHAM: Can be.

KAVANAUGH: They can be. They’re often – some – they’re sometimes criminally prosecuted, sometimes treated in the military sense.

GRAHAM: Well let’s talk about can be. I think the …

KAVANAUGH: Under a Supreme Court precedent …

GRAHAM: Right.

KAVANAUGH: Just want to make – yeah.

GRAHAM: There’s a Supreme Court decision that said that American citizens who collaborated with Nazi saboteurs were tried by the military. Is that correct?

KAVANAUGH: That is correct.

GRAHAM: I think a couple of them were executed.


GRAHAM: So if anybody doubts there’s a long-standing history in this country that your constitutional rights follow you wherever you go, but you don’t have a constitutional right to turn on your own government and collaborate with the enemy of the nation.

You’ll be treated differently. What’s the name of the case, if you can recall, that reaffirmed the concept that you could hold one of our own as an enemy combatant if they were engaged in terrorist activities in Afghanistan? Are you familiar with that case?

KAVANAUGH: Yeah, Hamdi.

GRAHAM: OK. So the bottom line is on every American citizen, though you have constitutional rights but you do not have a constitutional right to collaborate with the enemy. There’s a body of law well developed long before 9/11 that understood the difference between basic criminal law and the law of armed conflict.


I go a little further back than that… No, not all the evil will ever be eradicated… The Earth is the Devil’s Playground… It may become worse before it gets any better… I’ve read the discouragement in your posts… Try to keep the faith that some things will improve… :pray:

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Brother StixNstones ---- I love it…

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trhis person is a leftists drooling idiot!

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Lol the cultist click still following round a Russian disinfo agent?


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That is why it is important to focus on eternity. We can control our eternity but now alway the present.
You gave him good advice.

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That is exactly correct.

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The cultist clique are talking about the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) being used against those who conspired against the country. In a Legal and Lawful manner.

What do you know about that and specifically which code might they be referring too? One who knows so much about everything?

I look forward to your dissertation.

Or will it be by US Code?

A small fact of a matter of Hunter biden assisting a Chinese company in the purchase of an auto manufacturing company that was listed to make dual parts. Dual in meaning both having a civilian and military ability. Do not know what the Queen calls it but in this country the word we use is Treason. Your use of a word cultist also reflects your narrow minded view of what is taking place in a country you clearly don’t know shit about. Still you argue instead of sitting silently waiting for the final outcome. and getting further educated.


I hope they put him prison.

As for this topic.

Do you agree that if Trump declares martial law that makes him 100% establishment.

And so it has been for years.

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No, Because I would need to know the reason for the martial law.
Are you aware of what is taking place with Australia, India, South Korea, more versus China.

Your mind cannot grasp that with a cyber war it is still a war?

Please research continuing war powers act and why each president has continued to extend it noentry

Fair enough.

I never thought I would see the day when an American patriot wanted to see martial law.
You would be the first American I have seen want this on DTV.

I guess you live and you learn.


Using martial law provides infinitely more power/ resources to the president, it would be great to see this used to apprehend all of the traitors to our great country. I know people think if the president uses it then it means he Is part of the establishment but in our current state of affairs I see this as our only viable weapon AGAINST the establishment/ deep state. I just pray that truth and justice prevail against evil. The future of our great country is at stake now more than ever!