Michigan Voter Fraud Witnesses come forward to speak on Dominion Machines in Detroit

Michigan should delay election certification, GOP Senate candidate says

In Michigan, after 6,000 votes were tabulated for Biden instead of Trump in Antrim County, Michigan Republican
Party Chairwoman Laura Cox, said that 47 of Michigan’s 83 counties “used this same software in the same capacity”

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Michigan Canvasser Speaks OUT After Feeling Threatened.

Michigan Voter Fraud Witnesses tell the Inside Story of Dominion Machines in Detroit. DISCARDED BY THE BATCH One
saw the 4am Biden Ballot Drop!

“They Were Like a Pack of Dogs!” – Detroit Voter Fraud Witness describes election night chaos

Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Melissa Carone tells the Inside Story of Dominion Machines in Detroit!

Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Shane Trejo Describes 3:30am Illegal Ballots Arriving in Detroit

Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Patrick Colbeck Describes Fraud in Detroit

Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Jose Aliaga saw the 4am Biden Ballot Drop!

References car, truck and van behind TCF that apparently delivered ballots. Dems were allowed phones, but Republicans were not. And someone assaulted Ann by knocking a phone out of her hand. Security threatens to remove Ann.
Republicans were told that if they left, they wouldn’t be allowed back in.

Mich Voter Fraud Witness Ann Rudisill Describes Detroit Election Fraud

Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Hima Kolanagireddy discusses fake, illegal ballots, no Trump votes seen

Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Hima Kolanagireddy discusses fake, illegal ballots, no Trump votes seen

Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Barry Doherty describes seeing networked voting machines

A few hundred Affidavits


You have been busy again. I don’t know how you do it. I listened to an expert on this election tonight, telling that each candidate that the demoRats backed and that was in on this fraud had 35,000 votes posted to them to start off. Kind of like playing a game of basketball 21 and spotting somebody 5 points to start the game. Then they gamed the system to give the candidates percentages of votes. The demoRat candidates would get 1.25 votes for each vote they got. The Republican candidates would only get .75. These are only guesses as the actual %. To show the massive landslide votes that Trump got, they still had to shut down everything because of the overload of votes he was getting. I pray to God that all of the corruption is uncovered. There is going to be some things coming out next week. We will get a steady flow of information towards the end of the week. It will continue to be fed to us a little bit at the time so we can digest it and hopefully the information will be looked at by everybody including the people that voted for a demoRat. They hope that that information will cause a lot of the moderates on their side to sit back and start to think. President Trump doesn’t want to see our streets running red with the blood of American citizens. The radical left will not turn away from their agenda. They will all be doing what we have already seen them doing in places like Portland and Seattle. Our National Guard will take control of these places and make short work of them. I also believe we will see the internet shut down. They are going to try and do anything they can to keep us from communicating with each other. We already saw this gradual process in the weeks and months before the elections with the little blue commentary additions they added to our comments. I believe there will be terrorist acts carried out too. Possibly some false flag events in the days ahead to try and draw our attention away from the elections. These folks are desperate, it is a life or death situation for them and their party. Be prepared with food, water and cash money at your disposal if needed. They could try to freeze all credit card transactions because they are part of this election fraud. Debit cards could also be frozen. Cash money will be the best option. What should really upset everybody including the moderates of the demoRats and possibly even the radicals or Bernie bots is that this same thing was used against other demoRats. It was used by Clinton in some of the primaries back in 2016 to steal the nomination from Sanders. Remember Donna Brazile giving Hillary debate questions in advance? You have to understand that these folks are corrupt all the way to their core. Obama used this system too. We are going to see the proof to back up all of this in the days and weeks ahead. Every time the demoRats have made accusations against President Trump, they were just voicing their own concerns that somebody else was doing to them what they have been doing for years and possibly decades. When did all of this start? Could the assassination of JFK been the beginning of the alphabet agencies taking America from us? We are going to find out a lot and it may make some of you very upset. The illusion of a democratic process was just that, an ILLUSION! These same intelligence agencies have been spying on ALL of us. From the average hard working citizens all the way up to government officials and even Supreme Court justices. Maybe this explains John Roberts? Maybe it explains some of the rinos like Mitt Romney. At this point in time, we cannot trust anybody. I have heard about some explosive emails or phone conversations. It has been said that there is enough in 5 of the aforementioned things to ruin Pelosi forever. Don’t believe me? Explain the Anthony Weiner laptop and Hunter’s laptop. The FBI held Hunter’s laptop since Dec. 2019 and did nothing about it. When the NYPD turned the Weiner laptop over to the FBI, the only way that it’s contents was made public was because the NYPD officers talked about the contents and the emails. I think Sidney Powell has seen a lot of the bottom of the rabbit hole. Remember she was and is Gen. Flynn’s lawyer. He has seen the bottom of the rabbit hole also. That is why Judge Sullivan is still refusing to drop the charges against him. If all goes well, all of us might get to see what is in the rabbit hole. If not, we will be prisoners of the illusion for the rest of our lives.


Always something coming out next week, you need to start taking those pills that were prescribed for you, I fear you are thinking with out referencing reality.

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